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Aysegül Yesilnil Quintet

The artist has graduated from Painting and Textile Designing Branch of the Fine Arts Faculty of 9 Eylül University in Izmir. During her university years, she was trained by Halil Akdeniz. After her graduation, she participated in nude model drawing studies of the 'Devrim Erbil Studio' in I.D.G.S.A. (The Academy of Fine Arts in Istanbul). She has been the first and single student at the Faculty of Fashion Design who was started by a university in Turkey for the first time. As a result she was the only university graduate fashion designer at that time. She worked in the factory of Vakko (the biggest fashion and textile company of Turkey) in Istanbul as a fashion designer. She created some textile productions for home and boat. The textile collections she prepared for several export firms have been displayed at the fashion shows in various international fairs. She also worked on silk and designed pillows, scarves and clothes. Besides her work in textiles, she also prepared posters of the State Opera and Ballet in Izmir. She had vocal training at the Fine Arts Faculty Musicology Department, Polyphonic Choir. She presented 10 personal exhibitions with her collection of paintings along with jazz and mithological paintings since 1985. Parallel to her studies of art, she has been singing jazz professionally with the leading jazz musicians of the country since 1987. As the only artist painting jazz and singing jazz in Turkey, she has performed in many jazz clubs and festivals. In 1995, she made her first album named 'Rüzgara ªark1lar Söyle (Sing Songs to the Wind). With this album she brought a unique, pure and sophisticated breath to the Turkish Pop Music. Important musciains of Turkey such as Neset Ruacan, Bülent Ortacgil, Nezih Yesilnil, Levent Coket, Onder Focan, Erkan Ogur and others accompanied Aysegül Yesilnil in her first album. With the influence of this intensive music atmosphere she lives in, she created a collection of paintings depicting jazz musicians, night lives and their instruments. As well as her jazz paintings, she is also wellknown with her "sahmeran" collections. Aysegül Yesilnil, who is a member of the Unesco - International Association of Art is a performer of impressionist, figurative and zen art and continues her studies in her studio, in Istanbul. She blends her accumulation in the fine arts as a painter and art director and in music as a jazz vocalist with the richness, colourfulness ve intensity of her soul and her works, then transfers them to her audiences in the beauty of a dream. Aysegul Yesilnil will be performing and exhibiting for the international audiences as of 2003.

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  • Artist / Group Name: Aysegül Yesilnil Quintet
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