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Beata Pater

Originally educated as a classical violinist in Warsaw's prestigious Karol Szymanowski Music Academy. The first to note Beata's talent for singing was the wife of her violin professor. Being an opera singer, she sensed the eight year old's strong voice and presence, helping Beata get her start in Warsaw's world-reknown opera house. To the chagrin of her professor, singing became Beata's passion. At the age of 16, Beata toured Europe for the first time, soon headlining shows with over 5,000 fans in attendance. At the age of 18, Beata signed with CBS/Sony Records and later moved to London.

London lead to Japan, where Beata's unique style began to take shape. During this 10 year period, the jazz community began to take notice of the beautiful Polish girl performing around Asia. Playing with the likes of Walter Bishop Jr, Jimmy Smith, and Babatunde, Beata began to break new ground. Her style developed as she reconstructed the old jazz with a new feeling, her voice another instrument in the mix. More than a vocalist, she brought the soul of long-gone singers back to life.

In 1995, Beata moved to the US. Landing in San Francisco with nothing more than her voice and soul, she soon became part of the San Francisco scene. Beata has been playing throughout the world, including concerts at New York's Birdland and Tokyo's Blue Note.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Beata Pater
  • Subtitle: Jazz Vocalist from Poland
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