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Chris Burnett, Musician and Composer

Kansas City USA - Chris Burnett is a woodwind instrumentalist and composer. He is based in the Kansas City area. Already a veteran musician and skilled composer, with a substantial body of work and a noted career performing with various military music bands, his profile is somewhat different than the typical demographic of most emerging jazz artists in this day and age.

"True BLUE", his first album in association with 'ASR Records, delivers a collection of Chris Burnett originals that display the diverse talents and broad range of the artist as performer, composer, arranger, and producer. His new band starts recording this new music in September and will continue recording throughout the year, along with fine-tuning their ensemble sound by way of various performances at Kansas City live jazz venues.

"Among my goals as an artist has always been to pay tribute to the established masters and past legends of our music, while gaining the necessary experience to add my own voice in the context of my original music. One of the primary reasons we moved back home to the Kansas City area was for me to study with a master Jazz musician. My current mentor is a wonderful artist named, Ahmad Alaadeen. I also wanted to learn about the legacy of our music at one of the places it was started, from musicians who created so much of it and are a direct link to a period when major contributions were made in Jazz," he states.

His style on alto saxophone is firmly grounded in the stylistic influences of some of his many favorite established masters such as: Charles Christopher Parker, Ahmad Alaadeen, Bobby Watson, Julian "Cannonball" Adderley, Kenny Garrett, Vincent Herring, Joe Henderson, Wayne Shorter and John Coltrane, to name a few. However, Chris Burnett is also a matured artist with his own voice, having already displayed his own artistic contributions for many years now. His uniquely lyrical tone quality and possession of an eloquent technique combine with the heart and soul of an artist. Extensive study of the saxophone, many qualified experiences and individual maturity allow the essence of the music to remain at the center of his performances.

Creative contemporary music, that includes the spontaneous freedom of improvised contribution among its performers, always provides a reflection of how the state of things are and what is possible beyond today. Jazz music remains vitally new and current to any era. Therefore, Chris Burnett is dedicated to exploring this concept, along with a multitude of new ideas, while continually studying most all styles of instrumental music.

Chris Burnett's latest CD is scheduled for release in 2004.

Artist Label Information

'ASR Records
Attn: Fanny Dunfee
6610 West 67th Street
Overland Park, KS 66202 USA
TEL and FAX: 913.831.4396
Online: Alaadeen Enterprises, Inc.

Artist Contact Information

Chris Burnett, musician
Post Office Box 47
Leavenworth, KS 66048-0047 USA
TEL and FAX: 913.758.0730

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  • Artist / Group Name: Chris Burnett
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