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Daniel Messina, Argentinian Drummer & Composer

Daniel Messina was born on April 9th, 1965 in José C. Paz, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
At the age of six, he began to play drums and guitar. He learned to play drums on his own for almost ten years by playing along different records and using a book by Gene Krupa. His first teacher for about three years was Omar Belmonte. After that, he studied five year longs with Elias "Chiche" Heger at the Escuela Nacionál de Batería y Percusión.
During that time, he played in different bands like for example Apertura, Quinteto el Quartetazo or the Baden Jazz Quartett.

He also wrote a workshop column in the music magazine "El musiquero" from October 1989 until June 1991.

At the age of 26, Daniel Messina emigrated to Germany.

He played there in Real Blues Band, with Yanomani and the Pablo Vázquez Trio.

Since 1993 Daniel Messina is a drum teacher in the
drum department Stuttgart

1995-2005 An important step in his career is the co-operation with the renowned jazz Barbara Dennerlein.

In 1996 he founded the Daniel Messina Band, which is a continuation of his project with own compositions and arrangements that he has already started in Argentina in 1989.

In january 2001 Daniel Messina started with his band the concert series "Jazz Edge" in Stuttgart, which meanwhile has become an in-scene meeting point and which is already successfully.

Since the start of Jazz Network Radio in september 2001 he has directed the editorship of the latin channel and since february 2002 also the editorshipof the drummer channel, Drummer´s Special.

1984 Prize "Parque Norte" Buenos Aires, Argentina, (with Apertura)
1986 1st prize T.V. "Todo Nuevo " (with Apertura)
1986 1st prize in the popular music competition of the Univeristy of Belgrano (with Apertura)
1987 1st prize Juventudes Musicales de la República Argentina (with Apertura)

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