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Dave Koz

Dave Koz Dave Koz Morrice Blackwell
He goes for the heart - that’s for sure. Close your eyes and imagine a tear dripping from the bell of the horn. Or envision the keys blasting off the alto, straining under torrential sound. Judging from his acceleration in today’s musical marketplace, Dave Koz conjures up a range of feelings and always leaves a mark.

You’ve heard the sound maybe on his 1993 album "Lucky Man" achieving gold status; where it ranked #1 on radio and records year end NAC airplay chart after holding the pole position for 8 weeks. Or maybe it was his 1996 album "Off The Beaten Path" where he belted out the single "Don’t Look Back" or the 1997 Holiday offering of "December Makes Me Feel This Way".

Koz’s latest album "The Dance" is a true testament of collaboration. He surrounds himself with stellar performers of pop, R&B, gospel as well as smooth jazz. Also, on this project he reunites with the producers who worked on his debut album ten years ago, Jeff Lorber, Carl Sturken, Evan Rogers and his brother Jeff Koz.

The track "You are Me, I am You" has a flamenco guitar solo by smooth jazz guitar sensation Marc Antoine, while " Know You By Heart" (with pianist David Benoit) and "Love Is On The Way", where Koz and trumpeter Chris Botti both seduce the listener with cool and smoky vibes. Other key tracks on "The Dance" include "Right By Your Side", composed as a tribute to Koz’s father who passed away in 1997.

Finally, there’s the title track an excellent rendition of the song which became Garth Brook’s signature hit, sung by gospel superstar BeBe Winan.

This truly is an exceptional album, not only for the excellence of the music and the musicianship, but also because of its ability to reveal in a collective perspective the nuance beauty of Koz’s creation.

1999 marked the third year of the very successful smooth jazz Christmas tour, headlined by Koz, with David Benoit, Brenda Russell and Peter White. In Tampa, Florida the Christmas tour was received as a huge success, every song played received a standing ovation and everyone joined in "The Dance".

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Dave Koz
  • Subtitle: Just Be Koz
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