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Lady Laranah Phipps


Lady Laranah Phipps (affectionately known as LaLa) is a jazz soulstress with a touch of world music influence. She is one of the hottest new jewels in the East Coast jazz crown. Lady Laranah Phipps comes to the jazz arena naturally, as she is the product of the Newark, NJ jazz scene and the heir apparent to the Phipps Family Jazz dynasty, Newark, New Jersey’s first family of jazz. The Phipps Family has enjoyed a long, prosperous and well documented jazz legacy both in the USA and abroad. Ernie Phipps, Gene Phipps, Sr. (her father), Nat Phipps, Harold Phipps, Billy Phipps, and Gene Phipps, Jr. have all helped to pave the way for Laranah (as well as countless other jazz artists) to step out onto the jazz stage with confidence and competence.

Lady Laranah Phipps brings to the table, her own distinctive sound, sense of phasing, timing, story telling, and a volcanic grasp of groove, which she sometimes tends to color with humor, sensuousness, heart wrenching pain, and/or soul stirring joy. Her straight-ahead approach combines tried and tested jazz improvisation with new and innovative ideas. Lady Laranah’s voice is laced with a certain ancient African richness, which allows her instrument to soar with a distinct yet familiar soul and power. All of this, coupled by the fact that Laranah has a very charismatic personality and a regal stage presence makes Lady Laranah Phipps a true jazz vocalist and an inspiring entertainer.

Lady Laranah Phipps approaches her sophomore CD recording effort, "The Woman In Me", with much creativity, style and grace. The project showcases Laranah’s gifts for song writing and arrangements. A few of the original tunes penned by the jazz soulstress, included on the project like the two contrasting versions of "Save Me Now", a sultry minor jazz ballad and "Save Me Right Now", a funky soul jazz plea to be rescued from a charming and seductive lover/foe, "Jazz Does", a bebop and funk infused appreciation of what jazz is capable of doing to and for you, "Aint No Man Been ‘Round (The straight up lying blues)" a humorous blues story about a young southern girl’s attempt to explain her present condition, and "Sudden Love" a true Bossa nova love ballad, have already begun to become East Coast Jazz and Blues club favorite requests. Lady Laranah Phipps also serves up a few classic dishes like "Lush Life", "Straight No Chaser", "Caravan" and "I can Fly" a toe tapping, hand clapping, get up out your seat, home grown rendition of R. Kelly’s, I Believe I Can Fly. The Entire CD contains a total of nine tracks which feature Nathan Lucas on organ (tracks 1-5), Geary Moore on guitar, Billy Phipps on saxophone, Clarence "Tootsie Bean" on drums, Harold Phipps on congas, and Radam Schwartz on organ (tracks 6-9) Laranah’s Debut recording effort "Raising The Standards-live", The Collectors Edition, is a collection of well known standards performed and recorded in a series of live settings.

Lady Laranah Phipps enjoys performing and has shared the stage with many other local, national and international performers including: B.B. King, Take 6, Alfonso Blackwell, Baba Olatunji, Slide Hampton, Russell Malone, Bootsie Barns, Jack Bicknell, Jerald Veasley, Big John Patton, Corkey Caldwell, Amiri Baraka, Yoron Israel, Max Lucas, Frank Bey, Spiro Jiro, Tiny Grimes, Emory B. Tinley, Don Williams, Dee Holland, Joe Scott and others.

In addition to her artistic abilities, Lady Laranah Phipps has served as the Production Stage Manager for the Jersey Shore’s premier African American Theatre Company, The Dunbar Repertory Company, Production Assistant for the Count Bassie Theatre in Red Bank, NJ, and the Paramount Theatre and Convention Hall In Asbury Park, NJ for several headlining acts Lady Laranah Phipps founder’s credits include Sentaj Productions, an entertainment agency dedicated to workshops, information, public relations and special events, Flat Five Records, and LaLa Music Publishing Co. Laranah heads the vocal program at The Trinity School of the Arts in Asbury Park NJ. She is also available for private workshops for children and adults.

Lady Laranah Phipps Band (LaLa Land) travels as light as a duet or as heavy as a big band featuring some of the top and up and coming jazz cats from across the country, including (but not limited to) Piano and Bass or Hammond B-3, Guitar, Drums, Saxophone, Flute, Congas and on occasion, Back Ground Vocals.

"Music is a powerful art form. Use truth as your guide and your music will live on"

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Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Lady Laranah Phipps Sextet
  • Subtitle: Up and coming jewel in the East Coast Jazz Crown
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