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Michelle Garcia - Jazz/Rock Vocalist, Songwriter & Musician


Michelle Garcia is a new vocalist to keep your ears open for. As a young child, she grew up in a family that loved music. Her dad played the saxophone, her brother the guitar, and she herself started a band while she was in high school. Her first taste of experiencing what it felt like to be a part of a band was a flavor she continued to crave. As the years continued to pass her by, she allowed her love of music to guide her to where she is today.

Having being associated with great musicians and entertainers such as Richard Elliot, Katie Segal, Danny Elman, Rick Elfman, she seemed pre-destined to be around influential entertainers who motivated her to reach her own personal goals; however several life struggles had tried to stop her from reaching her dreams of being a professional musician. Her path crossed with many people in the music industry who had betrayed her trust. This subsequently caused her to feel disheartened by the music industry.

As her business life seemed unhopeful, she also had to deal with her personal life, she was presenting herself as a male artist yet hide her true identity as a Transgender woman. Upon fully transitioning into a woman in 1995, Michelle was faced with the reality as presenting herself as a female artist. She struggled with perfecting her female voice and perfecting the image that she wanted to portray. Many female artists of every genre of music face this same issue, not knowing if they should present themselves as a Britney Spears or just be themselves. What guided her through emotional and social struggles was her goal to connect to people who were truly interested learning about how the experiences she went through were common. Also of interest was how even though many of us have not gone through the exact same experiences all of us do face something life altering. Those experiences are what connect us as humans.

Michelle is known as one of the great performers of the Lesbian, Gay, Bi-Sexual, Transgender and the Queer Community. Having struggled through life’s ups and downs herself she has created a wonderful CD that reflects her experiences and allows her listeners to feel a deep connection with her as they themselves have gone through similar experiences. As we all know that we are all individually different but Michelle connects the human heart strings with her songs. She feels that her music does not have to be segregated and can be enjoyed by anyone who likes good music. Her band adds a fantastic jazz and rock style to her songs.

Her new book of songs and the Translucent CD provides an amazing insight into what it is like to be part of the L.G.B.T community. Listeners of her music are given the chance to become socially aware of things they may have never known or understood via her lyrics. The CD is a tribute to how we all as humans experience the same emotions and lessons that life has to offer.

To purchase Michelle Garcia’s CD or to learn more about her please contact her at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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