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Omar Sosa

Composer and pianist Omar Sosa was born on April 10, 1965 at Camaguey, Cuba where he spent his early years. He began his music studies at age eight with percussion and marimba at the music conservatory at Camaguey, Cuba. He was greatly influenced by jazz at an early age and influenced by the music of Thelonious Monk.

A highly creative individual, Sosa forged his own unique style of composing, and playing the piano. Like American composer George Gershwin, Omar Sosa has a great respect for melody, detail, mood, and harmonic phrasing which showcases his remarkable impressionistic musical genius as a composer-pianist.

Sosa is a prolific composer, utilizing many styles and techniques, and his musical compositions are memorable, mystical jazz expressions which have a wide appeal to jazz listening audiences throughout the world. There is a sense of highly developed spirituality found in some of his compositions, most evident in the hauntingly lovely "A New Life" CD collection released during September 2003. Omar Sosa is a devoted spiritual follower of Santeria, and he follows the path of Obatala in his personal practice of Santeria.

The release of "Pictures of Soul" in January 2004 with percussionist Adam Rudolph further enhanced his standing as a major world music jazz artist. Sosa has ten recordings on the Ota label since 1997 including the GRAMMY-nominated CD collection "Sentir."

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Omar Sosa's unique genius as composer and pianist continues to unfold and attract world-wide attention. His performances are flawless.

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  • Artist / Group Name: Omar Sosa
  • Subtitle: Composer Series
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