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Ron Korb

The innovative style of Ron Korb, flutist and composer of jazz and Japanese music, is garnering a buzz around the world. For example, his newly released DVD and CD, Ron Korb Live, feature a broad range of Jazz and World Music styles with the different influences seamlessly complementing each other. Ron and his band have know each other for over 20 years. They met while studying jazz at York University in Toronto. The bassist and drummer went on to study with Dave Holland and John Abercrombie at the Banff school of Fine Arts and the guitarist studied with Chick Corea Electric Band alumni Frank Gamble in LA. The pianist, Bill Evans, is fluid in New Orleans piano styles, stride and be-bop. Although they all have a solid background in traditional Jazz, this group has developed a completely new approach.

The Ron Korb Live DVD and CD run the gamut from the understated smokey classiness of the ballad Green Eyed Maiden to the exotic sound of Shadow Dance based on a South East Asian scale and a reggae rhythm to the excitement of Long Shadows, a Celtic/ Fusion piece.

Korb is an incredible flutist. His tone and expressiveness are unsurpassed. He is extremely versatile and he can improvise on bamboo flute in an authentic Japanese style and then run full tilt on the penny whistle and then play some Latin jazz tunes like Casco Viejo, Genji and Dark Eyes with a groove and feel that Dave Valetin or Nestor Torres would admire.

Korb's well crafted compositions are a good spring board for the soloists to work their improvisations. Bill Evans piano solo in Green Eyed Maiden is exquisite and the more funky b3 organ of Shadow Puppets adds a different dimension to the sound.

The Ron Korb Live CD is 80 minutes in length and has five bonus tracks not included on the DVD. The DVD has a generous helping of special features including interviews, bonus music videos, audio commentary, photo gallery and an impressive interactive instrument dictionary with thirty-five World music instruments with sound samples, photos and description in English and French.

Whereas many groups today will record a live album or DVD over several nights, this concert was recorded in a single evening which truly captures an extra level of authenticity. The DVD is very well shot, edited, recorded and mixed. You can really see and hear the detail in the musician's performance. For the listener who wants something more adventurist this is the disc to buy.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Ron Korb
  • Subtitle: Specializing in Jazz Blended with Latin and Japanese Music
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