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Tatiana Parra

Artists coming from the same generation as Tatiana Parra that possess her professional experience are rare. Working since she was five, the performer and composer from Sao Paulo is known and admired within the music scene for her participation in shows and on the albums of a wide variety of artists: from Ivan Lins to Omara Portuondo, from Rita Lee to Chico Pinheiro, as well as Toquinho, Sandy & Júnior, André Mehmari, Dante Ozzetti and dozens of others. Now, Tatiana Parra lances the CD "Inteira" (Borandá) and makes her long awaited solo debut.

Tatiana Parra began her career singing advertising pieces in different studios in Sao Paulo. She sang jingles and children’s CDs with Helio Ziskind while she pursued her study of classical piano, later on winning awards in different competitions during her adolescence. She won first place in Araçatuba in 1992; second place in Rio de Janeiro in 1993; Honorable Mention in the Cláudio Arrau Competition in Chile in 1993; and first place in the Art Livre Competition (Sao Paulo) in 1994.

In 2003, she became part of the group of composer and guitarist, Chico Pinheiro, with whom she completed annual tours, also participating on his second album, "Tocador de violão." Through this work, she performed accompanied by the Symphonic Jazz Orquestra, in addition to performing on the TV shows Ensaio, Bem Brasil and Radiola, shown on the channel TV Cultura. She also performed on the TV show Som Brasil on the network Rede Globo. Her voice can also be heard on the albums of Theo de Barros, Flávio Henrique, Fábio Torres, Zeli and Carlos Careqa, as well as on the recording projects, "Sobras Repletas,"a tribute to Maurício Tapajós, and "Manuscrito Sonoro," by Hermínio Bello de Carvalho. Having participated on over 30 albums of other artists, Tatiana Parra believes that she chose the right moment in her career to make her solo album debut. "Sometimes I think that if I had recorded earlier on, maybe now I would already be on my fourth album. However, I only now feel completely prepared," reveals the singer. She adds, "This album is totally me."

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Tatiana Parra
  • Subtitle: The new voice of Brazilian Jazz

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