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The Italian colour of Latin Jazz Style

Raffaele kohler

Great talent and great sensibility as a Trumpet player and composer often his sound is defined as a " Velvety Sound " for his softness and warm timbre.Gifted also with a special technique and abilities in addition to his experience he is always able to enchant those listening to his improvisations. In this Album he give us two unique
compositions "Primo" inspired by the life of Boxer Primo Carnera And "Cosi" inspired by his encounters with many
artists, cultures, and cities of Eastern Europe.

Alessandro Sicardi

Polyhedral artist and pure talent as a guitar player, composer and arranger gifted with a incomparable musicality and an innate sense of improvisation.
In this Album he arranged many of our compositions and also gave us his contribution to two compositions
A froposito inspired by his last trip to the Africa where the colours of places and the voices of people gave him this idea instead Ba(r)llad was inspired by a Barmaid that he had just met one night only in a Bar in Milan and at first sight he was fascinated by her face ,her eyes and her glance

Davide Marzagalli

Rumour has it that he was born with his Congas. He's a very talented percussionist, his great experiences with many International artists allowed him to improve his technique a lot as well as his experiences with many gypsy artists which allowed him to absorb their resonance and to create a special unique atmosphere during its improvisations.

Lino Grasso

Is the last to take part in this project let's say ,the last but not the least, He is an Electric Bass player who through his talent and his experiences allows us to appreciate his great qualities and technique , giving several shades to our project that are part of his own abilities and his great passion for the Latin Jazz Style.

About the Composer

Massimo Bove

His persistent research in finding through simplicity the key of composition and by merely following an idea. He has brought his talent into the working and founding of this project, where he can express himself at his best. In this album he has also given us his contribution of five compositions while his target is also giving the listeners sounds, colours, emotions from our country with Sentimento Latino,Navy Blue, Jealousy, Jim Jams Jass, Frances's eyes, he is following the idea of project that is to give to Latin Jazz Style an Italian colour and to bring more people nearer to this fantastic style.

The Project

Our Project is ambitious because at the same time to face two targets
The First , give to the Latin Jazz Style an Italian colour , making its sonorities more easy to understand and giving to it an harmonious and catchy form, emphasizing its expressions with characteristics and sonorities from our country, without to renounce to its improvisations and movements that are the main characteristic of Latin Jazz Style.
The second , bring near more people to the Latin Jazz Style and to bring near also the people that don’t know this great Style but they are attracted from our more easily musical forms .

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Milan Latin Jazz Quartet
  • Subtitle: Album Sentimento Latino
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