• George Duke is a multi Grammy Award winning legend. So, when I called him to get a few quick quotes for my France Joli interview (he produced her album 'Witch Of Love') I quickly realized I needed to milk this…
  •  New Orleans trumpeter Nicholas Payton has never conformed to anyone or anything. Reading his Facebook posts and Twitter “tweets”, you sort of get an idea about how un-traditional he is. He speaks his mind and, should someone attempt to challenge…
  • Kem Owens
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    Adekemi Owens, known professionally and affectionately to music fans as "Kem," has come a long way from Nashville, Tennessee to his current hometown of Detroit, Michigan. So, one figures that is why this musical genius has written and performed songs…
  • Born in Dallas, Texas and now happily domiciled in Los Angeles, bass player Edwin Livingston could be described as being on the crest of a wave.  His CD 'Transitions' was released in late 2010 and when recently I caught up…
Beatrice Richardson

Beatrice Richardson

The music on Chico & Rita is absolutely superb. The soundtrack is captured in a perfect way and performed by Cuban pianist, bandleader and composer Bebo Valdes. It features music by Thelonious Monk, Cole Porter, Dizzy Gillespie and Freddy Cole. Chico & Rita was nominated for a 2012 academy award in the category of Best Animated Feature Film, including Premio Goya in 2011 for Best Animated Movie and an EFA from the European Film Academy among others.

Kim Waters has always had a way of captivating his fans with his infectious melodies and outstanding showmanship.  On his new CD, 'This Heart of Mine', he again harnesses his hallmark vibe by putting out another set of grooves that his fans will absolutely love. Each track is beautifully arranged, and compliments Waters undoubted talent as the 'King of Smooth Urban Jazz'.

 When I heard Candy Dulfer's new CD 'Crazy' I was absolutely flabbergasted.  This is not a 'sit down and listen to' CD.  It's a 'get up and move' CD.  From the first track 'Stop All That Noise' to the cool jazz ending of 'Too Close', Ms. Dulfer took me on a wonderful high energy adventure.  Not only that, this collaboration with Black Eyed Peas producer and musical director Printz Board makes for a perfect album and is a complete 'must listen'.

 Get ready to listen to a great set of music compositions by Hart Ramsey which are rich with melodies that are simply awesome. Not only that, the motivational notes inside the CD jacket will inspire all who read them.

Smooth jazz sax-player Jessica Spinella (aka Jessy J) was born in Portland, Oregon and with her sizzling new album, 'Hot Sauce', is really covering all the bases. It finds Jessy embracing her Latin heritage with tracks such as 'Meant To Be' but also includes Will Young's pop hit 'Leave Right Now' and Duke Ellington's 'In Sentimental Mood'. All in all 'Hot Sauce' is a fine amalgam of spicy jazz seasoned with zesty Latin rhythms.

Born in Nagasaki, Japan , Hiromi Kanda was exposed to American music via the armed forces personnel that were stationed in the city. At the age of 8, Hiromi moved to Osaka with her family. It was there that she developed an appreciation for several forms of music from Sinatra and Cole Porter, to the Monkees and the Supremes. ‘Days of Yesterday’ is Hiromi Kanda's sophomore album, and is a remarkable album from a vocalist who doesn't just sing the standards, she symbolizes them.

Isabelle Geffroy, aka Zaz, released her eponymous debut CD in May 2010 and by any standards it is excellent. If you ask Zaz about her musical influences she will explain that she prefers to think of them as meetings. She is expressive, powerful and has such vocal control that the execution of each song appears effortless. Not only will the album will dazzle you but also make you sit up and listen.


Monika Herzig

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Monika Herzig is an extremely creative and talented pianist. Her CD ‘Come With Me’ is replete with fabulously original tunes that take the listener on an exhilarating and rewarding journey while the title track is underpinned by a truly wonderful story.

Grammy award winning keyboardist, singer, composer and producer George Duke takes a jazz funk glance back into his musical past with Deja vu. Deja vu is the experience of feeling that one has witnessed or experience a new situation previously. That's the mode you're in when you listen to the funk-driven energy of Duke's new CD. The sound has characterized some of Duke's most memorable recordings from the golden age of funk and soul and has made Duke a platinum selling artist. Produced by Duke,

'We're Here to Listen' by pianist Leslie Pintchik is a wonderful showcase for her skills as a performer, composer and arranger.  Her talents have placed the album right up there with genres best and when recently I was fortunate enough to interview Leslie it proved to be a totally enjoyable experience.

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