Bill Walker

Bill Walker

Jaijai Jackson Launches and Mentors New Independent Jazz Artists worldwide through her "Woman of Jazz" radio show on in Las Vegas.

Accomplished Jazz artists and new independent artists are jumping on Jaijai Jackson's bandwagon. Daughter of Jazz legend bassist Chubby Jackson has a successful jazz radio show through launching and mentoring new independent jazz artists.

Jackson known as "Woman of Jazz" on's Las Vegas station is on the hunt f

(PRWEB) August 7, 2005 -- Jaijai Jackson of Five String Productions recently launched her own jazz radio show through as the "Woman of Jazz." Jackson brings her experience and background to the benefit of launching new independent jazz artists on worldwide radio. is the official independent music supporter of all genres of music. Her format encompasses traditional swing jazz from her father's era, along with giving the platform to the new up-and-coming ja