Casandra Tucker

Casandra Tucker

Well, you "usually" can't dance to Smooth Jazz...but Alfonzo Blackwell makes you wanna "Dance To This"!

New York, NY 2008 is the year for a new jazz order. Alfonzo Blackwell is changing the music game through exciting and provocative strategies. His latest and 7th CD "Dance To This" was released on April 29, 2008 and is heading up the music charts on a steady climb. This new Hit CD is critically acclaimed. Each track is an instant classic. Tracks like

Alfonzo Blackwell’s latest and 7th CD entitled "Dance To This" is scheduled for release April 29th and is the highest anticipated CD of his career. He is currently gearing up for a major performance tour this year, entitled the "Dance To This" Tour. He’ll be coming to a city near you soon!

Alfonzo Blackwell is an electrifying recording artist veteran who has his sights set for a host of great accomplishments for this year. Alfonzo has garnered many successes