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Cheryl Hughey

Don't be fooled by the baby boy good looks. With lyrics like "I was born in a tavern on the banks of the Mississippi" and a horn section that hammers the groove, Jeremiah Johnson is the new face of Mississippi River blues.Walk into a gin joint in St. Louis and you'll likely hear the familiar "blues" sound that made the area famous. It's lyrics about the struggles of daily living with the hallmark blues style guitar that rips at your soul and soothes the spirit.Johnson takes that rich

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We’ve just finished what I feel is an important music work ‘War on Poverty’ with Jane Bunnett’s African/Cuban Blues Summit Band. We have joined forces in a campaign to expose the growing underclass which is estimated to be three million in Canada who go without the bare necessities to make life livable. We have partnered with ‘The Stop’ and their campaign - ‘Food with Dignity’ Program to bring greater attention to this severe crisis. All of us do

Michael Manson
Thumpin - Live Concert/DVD Recording
Thursday, October 28, 2010
Mayne Stage

1328 Morse Ave.
Chicago, IL

Doors open: 7:30p.m.
Showtime: 8:30p.m.
Tickets: $20

Complimentary copy of the DVD once completed will be made available to all audience members in attendance.

In other news... Bassist Michael Manson will be performing at the American Smooth Jazz Awards October 29, 2010 in Chicago, Illin

Jim Peterik and Lisa McClowry have been chosen as presenters for the American Smooth Jazz Awards to be held at Chicago's Dusable Museum on October 29, 2010.

In addition to his contemporary jazz work with Lifeforce, music legend/Grammy® award winner Jim Peterik (Eye Of The Tiger/The Search Is Over/Hold On Loosely) produced the 2010 release of Time Signatures by vocalist Lisa McClowry. Time Signatures bears the unique signature of Lisa McClowry's soulful four octave vocal range. This disk appe

Los Angeles, CA (September 22, 2010) When singer/composer/saxophonist Jessy J sets her sights on a career goal, she follows through with laser-like precision. Two years and two albums after her auspicious debut on Peak Records/Concord Music Group, Jessy J has been selected by the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP) for the prestigious ASCAPLUS writing award, announced new management and is returning to the studio with Grammy Hitmaker Paul Brown.

After a whirlwind ye

When I started writing for this album I was thinking the blues - then the words began to dictate a broader picture. I can’t escape my roots the music that played in the background of my youth. Redd Stewart and Pee Wee King were the music icons of Louisville, Kentucky. Together they penned the greatest song of all ‘Tennessee Waltz.’ To this day the melody clings to the bones like the best travel companion on earth. I write, I sing and play according to the rhythms and harmonies of a land once uns
RHMedia is proud to announce the release of "Eclecticism" by fo/mo/deep. Released in August 2010, "Eclecticism" explores the limitless boundaries of contemporary jazz that is blended with funk, world and afrobeat.

Best known for their sizzling live performances, the fo/mo/deep groove is rooted in the experimental school of the 70s a time when jazz, soul and funk were one and the same. Seeking to defy the ordinary, this diverse collective of seasoned pros keeps things stirred up with unpredic

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Hitmaking Pianist Tom Grant Serves a Musical Feast with Delicioso

Portland, OR/August 20, 2010

Nu-Wrinkle Records is proud to announce the CD release of "Delicioso" ("Dee-lish-e-oso") by pianist Tom Grant. The single, "Cute New Car," will be going for adds to radio on August 30, 2010.

Since 1983, Tom’s records have repeatedly topped the contemporary jazz charts. Radio fan

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Metro Detroit, MI/August 2, 2010
Have you ever had a song that just wouldn’t get out of your head? The beat and the groove were just more than you mind could comprehend. You’re blown away, pulled away from the obvious and propelled into the unknown a place where music, rhythm and rhyme defies time. You know it’s a dangerous obsession but you surrender helplessly as your body moves and your p

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J-Mood Records Announces New Jazz CD Release: Roberto Magris Quintet "Mating Call"

Kansas City, Missouri, May 1, 2010- The J-Mood Record Label based in Kansas City, Missouri is pleased to announce the release of the "new" Roberto Magris Quintet straight-ahead jazz CD entitled "Mating Call" recorded at Mad Dog Studios in Burbank, California.

This highly anticipated straight-ahead jazz project builds o