Cheryl Hughey

Cheryl Hughey

January 8, 2009/Los Angeles, CA

Los Angeles session guitarist David Boswell is scheduled to release his third album, I Like That, January 12, 2009. With guest stars that include jazz innovator Jimmy Haslip (Credits: Yellowjackets and an extensive list of major industry leaders), smooth jazz saxophonist Nelson Rangell (Credits: Eric Marienthal, David Sanborn, Jaco Pastorius and more), rock drummer M.B. Gordy III (Frank Zappa, REO Speedwagon, The Doobie Brothe

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Nate Harasim and Featured Guest Darren Rahn to Perform for Presidential Inaugural Gala

Moorsetown, NJ/December 4, 2008
Pianist Nate Harasim and guest saxophonist Darren Rahn will perform for the "A Time for Hope" 2009 Presidential Inaugural Jazz Gala at the Carlyle Club in Alexandria, Virginia (Washington, D.C.) on January 20, 2009. This high e

At the 2008 Buffalo Music Awards, Jack Prybylski was declared the Saxophonist of the Year for the tenth time (four years consecutively from 2004-2008). "It's flattering and rewarding to be recognized by peers and fans. I appreciate that people continue to find enjoyment in my musical craft," said Prybylski.

In 2006, Prybylski released Window Shopping to rave reviews and a top ten listing in the Smooth Jazz News. "It doesn't take long to realize why Prybylski has been awarde

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Garrison Davis Brings Hope to the World
with "World of Friends (Song for Obama)"

In a world filled with uncertainty, musicians unite to share their vision of peace
with the world.

Tokyo, Japan/November 14, 2008

Led by jazz gospel/R&B musician Garrison Davis, Japan-based American musicians have joined forces for "World of Friends (Song for Obama )" song and

Airborne (AKA "Musical Peacemakers"of Contemporary Jazz) Gives Away Free Holiday Downloads

Following the recent release of their "Winds of Change" album on Tilt Records, Airborne is giving away free holiday downloads on their site. Fans can download "Every Year at Christmas Time," "Silent Night," "What Child is This" and the "Little Drummer Boy." Currently, none of these holiday songs available on CD and can only be downloaded by visiting:

Radio and Street Date: January 2009

From Presidential galas to celebrations for foreign dignitaries, Miles Stiebel is one of the most requested performers in the special events industry. But don't let this distract you from this band leader's progressive musicality. In his second release, Miles Stiebel has created an Excellent Distraction for the sophisticated jazz listener with a collection of originals and covers from one of the East Coast's hottest working bands.

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nuGroove Celebrates Stellar 2008 with Holiday CD - Grooves of the Season

Moorestown, NJ/October 17, 2008

Santa is coming early this year and nuGroove has helped him stuff his sack with sizzling Grooves of the Season. Available exclusively at Circuit City, Grooves of the Season features some of the hottest rising stars and hitmakers in contemporary music today. From the

What do Michael Lington, Fleetwood Mac, Santana and The Grateful Dead have in common? The answer is mega-Platinum producer, Keith Olsen.

Keith has produced three tracks for the new Michael Lington release, Heat, on nuGroove Records. Keith has produced over 120 albums and more than one in four are gold, platinum, or multi-platinum sellers. Sales of these smash hits exceed 110 million units at retail, equaling more than a billion dollars in revenue!

Danish born saxophonist Micha

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Hitmaking Producer Darren Rahn Officially Joins De'Nate'

Moorestown, NJ/October 6, 2008

Saxophonist/producer Darren Rahn recently announced that he has joined De'Nate', the nuGroove band created by industry veteran David Chackler. "The chemistry between Rahn, Connors and Harasim is remarkable. In many ways, it reminds me of the magic that happened when Keith Olsen

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