Cheryl Hughey

Cheryl Hughey

Have you played Guitar Hero and are now ready for the real thing? This article will share some practical advice from a professional player that will help you get started. Although it takes more than just American Idol dreams to be a great guitarist, anyone can learn to play the guitar. Whether you want to rock like Eric Clapton or groove the Latin beats of Carlos Santana, it all starts by choosing the right teacher. "As a novice, you need a teacher who understands that to maintain enthusiasm for practicing ... you have to get some results quite quickly," said Grammy-nominated writer and guitarist Miles Gilderdale of Acoustic Alchemy. A student needs "a teacher who can give you some simple but very effective studies which sound like "real" playing early on." Gilderdale also believes that, "good grounding in technique is essential."

Studying jazz theory can instill a deeper understanding and appreciation for its rich musical heritage. While the task may seem overwhelming at first to a novice music student, learning jazz theory doesn't have to be as difficult. What is the best way for a jazz fan to learn more about the basics of music theory? "I'm a big fan of learning music by ear, so I'd say for a student to work on imitating a song and solo exactly as it was played will be very helpful. That way, he/she is able to pick up on theory in a melodic context and improvisation as it relates to music on the whole, not just the specifics of what notes to play on a C7 chord," said jazz trombonist and educator Delfeayo Marsalis.

If you are a new student of the jazz bass, finding the right teacher is an important step in beginning your musical studies. Your teacher will serve as the guide in your journey through the rich musical heritage of jazz and introduce you to your role as a member of the rhythm section. What skills should you look for in your instructor? According to John Clayton (Grammy-winning bassist/composer/conductor), the number one thing that a student should look for is "any qualities that give the student a high level of comfort and trust. If a student trusts his/her teacher, they'll be comfortable enough to accept the teacher as a friend, coach and mentor."

Learning to play the piano can provide you hours of education, entertainment and enjoyment. If you've ever thought about learning to play but are unsure of where to begin, this short article will provide some tips to help get you started. First, choose a quality instrument for practice. "A great way to start with piano is to love the sound of the instrument. That's why it's hard to get kids started on cheap little keyboards and such. There's nothin' like the real thing," said contemporary jazz pianist Tom Grant. He also suggest that you get an "easy song, or part of a song, that you can teach the new piano student." This will ensure "early success" on the piano.

Heather Ramsey, vocalist and CEO of The Midwest School of Voice, honored to be releasing her second CD with "Peace Like a River." Her soulful vocal style and poignant interpretations of holiday classics are a reflection of her diverse influences in music. Renowned pianist, arranger, composer and author Dr. Monika Herzig adds her unique spin to these festive tunes to showcase Ramsey's ability to sing many styles.

Veteran music publicist Cheryl Hughey has just released her booklet, “Music Promotion for Everyone, Volume 1” in print for retail, library and institutional distribution. Designed to fit the growing needs of music students, this short collection of essays covers the subjects of leadership, salesmanship, marketing, communication skills, roles of industry professionals, appearance bookings and social media.

Veteran music publicist Cheryl Hughey has just released a new ebooklet, “Music Promotion for Everyone, Volume 1.” Designed to fit the growing needs of music students, this short collection of essays covers the subjects of leadership, salesmanship, marketing, communication skills, roles of industry professionals, appearance bookings and social media.

The Midwest School of Voice is proud to announce the grand opening on August 13-14, 2011.  A groundbreaking school focusing on all aspects of vocal performance, their goal is to make individual coaching accessible and beneficial to all styles of music. The forming of The Midwest School of Voice represents a merge of existing voice studios of Blair Clark and Heather Ramsey, which represents 30+ combined years of teaching experience.  The location of The Midwest School of Voice will be in spacious studio space at 336 W. Main Street in Carmel, Indiana.

Sweet and seductive as chocolate, the music of keyboardist Jonathan Fritzen dazzled the world with his 2010 release of “Diamonds.”  A stellar production with featured guests like Darren Rahn, Jessy J and Koh Mr. Saxman (one of Asia’s most known sax players), the single “Dance with Me” from “Diamonds” was #1 on Billboard for numerous weeks. Brian Soergel of the Jazz Times declared, “Fritzen has arrived . . ."

NuGroove 2.0 / SMC proudly presents the United States and Canadian release of Eumir Deodato's “The Crossing” with special guest appearances by contemporary jazz legend Al Jarreau on "Double Face" and "I Want You More."   

With combined sales of over 25 million records as an artist, arranger or producer, the music of Brazil's Deodato has graced the world for nearly five decades. Having built such a solid and long-term reputation, it is not surprising that the list of guest appearances on “The Crossing” reads like a “who’s who” list of the music world. Featured artists include:  Airto Moreira (Miles Davis, Weather Report, Chick Corea and Stanley Clark), John Tropea (Paul Simon, Alice Cooper, Eric Clapton and Dr. John), Billy Cobham (Miles Davis, George Duke, John Scofield and Grateful Dead), Paco Sery (Joe Zawinul), Londonbeat and Novecento.  

Discover the legendary sounds by visiting The official release date for the United States and Canada is July 12, 2011.   The first single to go to radio will be “Double Face” and can be purchased at: