Chuck Vecoli

Chuck Vecoli

Radio Silence, the latest CD by the Neil Cowley Trio is an entertaining collection of orginal compositions executed with sensitivity and energy that delivers the listener to another place.
The trio of Cowley on piano, Richard Sadler on bass and Evan Jenkins on drums is a is a developed unit with individual and group competence that shines through in all pieces. 

Contemporary jazz guitarist Assaf Kehati and his quartet deliver a fresh new release on "Flowers and Other Stories". This CD features very creative compositions and notable exectutions by all members of the quartet.

Something Quiet is Bob Gluck's second recording following up his 2008 Sideways. This is his first recording as an acoustic jazz player. The trio consists of Gluck, Joe Giardullo on soprano sax, and Christopher Dean Sullivan on bass. On this recording the listener is treated to some intricate compositions, ensemble playing, and improvisation that ranges from the quietest of moments to the cacophony of all out interaction between the musicians. Gluck's compositions are entertaining for their depth
I must confess, I have never heard of Cinzia Spata. While I have been broadening my horizons with respect to international talent lately, and Italy has been a source of some fine musicians, vocalists, jazz vocalists have not been a major find. Until now that is! Cinzia Spata's voice is beyond my writing capability to describe here. On her KOINÃ records release, Into the Moment, I discovered that she is a jazz vocalist extraordinaire. The opening track is a piece by Keith Jarrett entitled "Questa
Jane Stuart, a New Jersey vocalist, has released her second CD Don't Look Back on JSM records. This multi-talented performer has been singing for a long time, since the age of five. The maturity of her instrument is evidenced by her skilled phrasing and overall command of the genre of jazz. Stuart worked with her long-time collaborator Rave Tesar (arranging, keyboards, engineering, mixing, and mastering) to produce this collection of notable tunes from composers such as Cole Porter, the Gershwin
Returning is the third CD for FMR Records from Bob Gluck. I fully enjoyed his previous effort Something Quiet which came out earlier this year. While the similarities are there, this latest effort in my mind, is a step farther for Gluck. The trio format features Gluck's virtuoso piano work, the tight supportive punctuation of Michael Bisio's bass work and the incredible dynamics of Dean Sharp on drums. This configuration drives the relationships of dynamics and rhythm and the interchange that mu
Sir Roland Hanna (1932 - 2003) was one of the finest jazz pianists to ever grace a bandstand. His legacy of compositions, recordings, and students is a testament to his significant contribution to the jazz world. So many of the community who knew him speak so highly of him. But, it is the spirit of the man in his music that, for me, confirms his royalty. Colors From A Giant's Kit is a release of the late pianists recordings of a variety of compositions of his own and others. Hanna treats the lis
This CD, Dream On, by New Hampshire-based Kathleen Kolman, was one of those incredible surprises that one stumbles on every now and then. Until you listen, one cannot appreciate the rich, deep tonality of Kolman's voice. Not only am I surprised at the beauty of this unique voice, I am intrigued at the application of this voice to the popular Latin and original tunes."Dream On," the title track, is in fact, that Aerosmith classic by Steven Tyler. In Kolman's hands, this is a soulful and passionat
Sounds of Brasil by bassist Ark Ovrutski is a collection of interesting original compositions by Ovrutski that touch at the heart of Brasilian jazz and jazz in general. The ensemble is graced with the talents of Duduka Da Fonseca, Helio Alves on piano and the saxophone talents of both Craig Handy and Jorge Constinentino. Together these players bring Ovrutski's compositions to life with a depth that makes these contemporary pieces come across as if they were standards in the genre. Ark delivers a
Retrato en Blanco Y Negro is the latest release by the very talented Valeria Proano. This Ecuador-born resident of Miami has put together one of the most listenable collections of Latin, jazz and pop tunes I have listened to in a long while. What especially draws you to this collection is the rich voice of Ms. Proano. She has the technical skills to execute even the most challenging phrasing and the sensitivity to put her own signature on each and every note. I was pleasantly surprised to see th
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