Dan Britt

Dan Britt

East Hanover, NJ, September 4, 2005

Who does one of the leading communication companies, Comcast, call on to represent their High-Speed Internet Service on a commercial? World's Fastest Drummer Champ, Art Verdi.

In the last few weeks, Art has been featured in the leading drum magazine, Modern Drummer, in which he was described as having a "frightening fast" single stroke roll; contacted by a major radio station to appear; and flown down to Fl

Legendary Jazz Drummer Mike Clark is the feature on Drum Radio.

MIKE CLARK gained worldwide recognition as one of America's foremost jazz and funk drummers while playing with Herbie Hancock and the Headhunters in the early 1970's. He became known as a major innovator through his incisive playing on Hancock's album Thrust which garnered him an international cult following. He has performed extensively throughout the US, Europe and Asia, and at all the major jazz festivals of the world.<