Dr. Ana Isabel Ordonez

Dr. Ana Isabel Ordonez

"Each Part A Whole : The MacroQuarktet Live at The Stone" RF06CD

Herb Robertson, Dave Ballou, Drew Gress & Tom Rainey

Herb Robertson and Dave Ballou have developed individual approaches to the same instrument- the trumpet. Herb has been involved in many influential projects and is widely considered one of the leading improvisers on the instrument. Dave performs in a wide array of settings from improvised to new music. The concep

Herb Robertson Trio at the FONT Music Festival 2005 (2nd August)

Herb Robertson has been one of the most active musicians on the scene for several years. Herb plays the horns in a lyrical and colourful way, often employing a range of mutes to make his sound more personal and unique. He met Gerry Hemingway 27 years ago. This lasting musical friendship leads to all kind of innovations incorporated into the music at least by those who

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