Gary Scott Beatty

Gary Scott Beatty

Gary Scott Beatty's "Jazz: Cool Birth," a murder mystery in a 1957 jazz club with art and typography based on '50s album cover design, earned him a Xeric Foundation Grant. He colors, letters and produces comic books and magazines for a diverse range of companies and has written for Comic Buyer's Guide. His three done-in-one comic books (Seductions, Adam Among the Gods and Jazz: Cool Birth) are at Hire Gary for album cover design and more at

Xeric winner Gary Scott Beatty's "Jazz: The Tiki Room" fiction is featured in the free online magazine MuskegonOnline.NET this month only.



Xeric Winner

Published in Press Releases

Through study of album covers, television program title artwork, and common illustrations used in everything from health booklets to instruction manuals from the 1950s, author/designer Gary Scott Beatty created recent Xeric Foundation grant winner "Jazz: Cool Birth," a jazz club murder mystery. The comic will appear in September's Previews preorder magazine under Aazurn Publishing.

"I hope to pull readers into the late night clubs of 1957, feeling the music through the visuals," Beatty