Jeremy Feldmesser

Jeremy Feldmesser


Jazz art takes shape

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Day 13 of the current Jazz live-art painting by Manfred Hoenig. This painting which is 110*170 cm is entitled "From Harlem to Hollywood" and depicts the great Jazz years and the Cotton Club era. The work is being created in collaboration with Jazz vocalist Michael Danso, and we are garnering support from an ever increasing number of top names, including Jeff May, David Beecroft and George Walker, with pictures and clips on the Eurogallery site. This fusion of art and music is creating a wave of …

Eurogallery Live Art events

Introducing the latest in the series of live art events from Eurogallery.

"From Harlem to Hollywood"

Dear art lovers and fellow musicians, this letter is to introduce to you the latest of our special events from Eurogallery Live Art. We are commissioning 12 works of art on the theme "Music".

The title of the first work is "From Harlem to Hollywood" in cooperation with the world renowned jazz vocalist Michael Danso