Jewel Shears

Jewel Shears

Track one is a smooth jazz cut, here Marion holds the sax over his head and does a little dance and starts to play, chip comes out with the bass licks this sounds more like…
As i normally do, often late night surfing the web for new information about various jazz artist, i found this site and entered into a contest at i n…

Walter Beasley

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Reedman Walter Beasley has become one of contemporary jazz extraordinary saxman. Walter is an accomplished solo artist with eight-recorded CD's. Five under the Mercury label, in addition to a solo project "Live and More". Walter made his debut for Shanachie records April, 1997 with the CD entitled "Tonight we love". This sultry saxophonist is not a newcomer to jazz, his earlier influences has played a large part in his current career. Walter played trumpet in his earlier years and later switched …