John Gilbert

John Gilbert

Charlie O's is one of the top jazz clubs in America (and the world for that matter). On August 5th, their stage was graced by some of the icons of the jazz milieu. Appearing was Carl Saunders (a trumpeter without peer) and Med Flory (the irrepressible founder of Super Sax and an alto player who has long been a star in the galaxy of jazz). Scott Whitfield (recognized by his compatriots as the premier trombonist on the scene today) also made an appearance. Whit came in at the
It has been said by this writer that the seductiveness of the female voice in song, courts the soul of any man who listens. It is the lure of the siren and the irresistible call of the muse, Euterpe....

The lure of Nancy Kelly lies in the rhythmical, harmonic and melodic ideas and concepts that flow forth from this remarkable singer.

From a sizzling ballad to a jump riff tune, one thing remains constant in Kelly's magical repertoire, and that is swing. It pours outward, not only in sound,

The East coast has always been a driving force in jazz, and it was no exception on this night as award winning pianist Lenore Raphael from NYC, was joined by bassist Chris Colangelo and drummer Tim Pleasant, who both reside on the left coast, but whose musical roots are in New Jersey and New York respectively. Each combined to show an appreciative audience some hard hitting bebop sounds.

Now the 'Middle' East has given us Milcho Leviev, who joined forces with this magnificent trio and all thi

One of the most energetic explosive events known, is a supernova. While many supernovae have been seen in the past (in other galaxies) they are rare events in our own galaxy. The same can be said of jazz musicians, an explosive event is rare in this day and age where most singers sound like Minnie Mouse on helium and the intrumentalists sound like new years eve noise makers.

In the past week at the Crowne Plaza in Los Angeles, Tony's Steak And Seafood in Ventura and The Lighthouse at Hermosa

In the 1980's Tony's Steak and Seafood was the weekend gig site for such jazz stalwarts as Billy Higgins, Leroy Vinnegar, Frank Butler and other luminaries. Last night, January 16, 2004, jazz again made its debut at this venerable venue.

Under the musical directorship of Drew Salperto, who will be the house pianist and booking person, this promises to be a hot spot for the jazz afficionados and cognoscenti alike.

Drew has a musical history that promises to continue the legacy of the aforem

It has often been opined by your 'humble correspondent' that the human voice is the ultimate musical instrument. The ability of the voice to give life to a tune not only by way of the lyrical aspect but by the nuances that it can generate, makes it unique.

Certainly the brasses and the woodwinds and some percussion ie; the Piano can move one from laughter to tears but the voice alone has the ability to send emotions to another level in sensitivity. Pale imitations of the voice though they may

To call last nights performance a 'gig' is like calling the Bolshoi Ballet a dance team from Russia.

A very expensive lithograph of Charlie Parker was on display near the bandstand and it was more than just decoration it was a reminder that this presentation was honoring a man who changed the course of musical history with his genius.

Freddie Redd was right in the middle of the NYC bop scene and was privy to the likes of Bird, Bud Powell, Dizzy et al. Redd is the essence of Powell in spiri

The crowd had thinned out a bit at Tony's Steak and Seafood in Ventura, Ca. The ambiance began to take on the air of a Parisian jazz club. The duo of Drew Salperto at the Piano and Carl Saunders on Trumpet were playing with finesse and controlled fury, there was an underlying sense of urgency to the beauty they were creating, almost as if the moment would end too soon. It was a clinic in flawless craftsmanship.

"Round Midnight" was performed with the delicate nuances that this tune engenders.


Mitch Holder Quartet

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There have been many exceptional performances at Michael D's Jazz Club, and a few have gone beyond exceptional, entering the rarefied realm of what is known in jazz circles as "Smokin' " or musically "tearing up the joint" On June 14th. Mitch Holder, Ray Pizzi, Domenic Genova and Steve Barnes joined a select group that have made history in this fine venue. (see reviews of Nancy Kelly, Carl Saunders, Mike Melvoin).

To me the word swing connotes a manner of playing that generates excitement or

Pinky Winters (Vocals), Tom Garvin (Piano), Chris Colangelo (Bass), Kendall Kay (Drums)

Pinky Winters cooly swung in her free and easy style, giving respect to the melody and soul to the lyrics. It was an impressive performance.

A leisurely mood lingered on "I'm Getting Sentimental Over You" This tune was given new meaning by a slow excursion into sweet romanticism. Miss Winters swank urbanity was in full bloom on this exquisite rendering.

"Early To Bed" featured hip sophistication and