Jordi Bertran

Jordi Bertran

The voice, the oldest musical instrument, will be the focal point of the 15th Dixieland Festival of Tarragona, Catalonia, Spain. After an artistic selection where excellence has outweighed other considerations, the audience will have the opportunity to live and listen to the evolution of jazz throughout different ages. It will range from the deepest African roots, with the black diva Dee Dee Bridgewater, to the deepest and most religious feeling

The American singer Dee Dee Bridgewater will be in charge of opening the 15th International Dixieland Festival of Tarragona (Catalonia, Spain), that will take place from 11th to 16th March 2008. The jazz diva will be performing at the Metropol Theatre on Tuesday 11th March 2008 at 21:30. The show Bridgewater will be offering in Tarragona is a premiere in Catalonia.

Dee Dee Bridgewater -the Paris black diva, though born in the USA- is one of the

The 14th International Dixieland Festival of Tarragona will take place between the 24th March and the 1st April 2007, although most of the activities will be between the 28th and 31st March.

Thirty bands with 180 musicians and 16 plastic artists will participate, coming from Germany, the Balkans, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cuba, the USA, France, The Netherlands, Italy, Portugal, Sweden, Turkey and Ukraine. 122 c

Tarragona International Dixieland Festival, in Catalonia, Spain, is celebrating its 12th year. It’s the only festival in Spain devoted to this aspect of traditional jazz, and the relationship of the city with this type of music comes from long ago. Alfredo Papo, author of Jazz in Catalonia, a great authority on jazz and a longstanding programmer of clubs and festivals, explains that "the first jazz record in Spain was brought by Antoni Tendes, a school teacher in Tarragona. He was a cultivated m