Keith 'Muzikman' Hannaleck

Keith 'Muzikman' Hannaleck

New York, New York-October 14, 2007-Muliti cultural jazz vocalist Kristina will release Offshore Echoes on Patios Records October 15, 2009.

Kristina completes an astounding achievement with Offshore Echoes by offering jazz listeners her own eclectic interpretations of classic compositions. From Sting ("Tea in the Sahara") to Kenny Vance ("The Performer"), Kristina pulls out all the stops and delivers convincing performances of every track covered on the recording.

Kristina’s tr
Eugene, Oregon-October 7, 2009-Halie Loren has made her mark in Indie music over the years with several highly acclaimed releases. Most recently the jazz singer and songwriter was awarded for her excellence in both vocals and recording at the Just Plain Folks Music Awards 2009.

Halie walked away with the coveted Best Vocal Jazz Album for the superb 2008 release, They Oughta Write a Song. A collection of standards, jazzified classics, and three of her own original co-writes, the album ha

New York, New York-September 29, 2009-Charito continues to find her way into the hearts of her peers and fans by continually releasing recordings with impressive collaborations.

This time out she meets with renowned French composer Michel Legrand on Watch What Happens on CT Music. The CD is set for release October 6th.

The Japan based jazz diva will make another indelible mark on a worldwide stage with an incomparable set of thirteen Legrand tracks on

New York, New York-September 3, 2009-Respected and versatile saxophone player James Moody has collaborated with legendary pianist Kenny Barron on a recent offering on the IPO Recordings imprint titled 4A.

4A features eight instrumental tracks of classic jazz painted with the colors of every level of saxophone from Moody and embellished with beautiful piano passages from the smooth and timely delivery of Barron.

Although Moody is known for his longtime work with ja

New York, New York-August 25, 2009-Eddie Allen is a trumpeter, composer, arranger; and author-certainly one of the more versatile musicians on the New York jazz scene. Because of his versatility contemporaries will call upon him for his talent to play everything from jazz big band, R&B/Pop, Latin, to symphonic to Broadway, and everything else that may fall somewhere into those genres.

These many talents come together once again with a group of musicians called The Aggregation on

San Diego, CA-August 5, 2009-Veteran jazz guitarist Patrick Yandall’s tenth indie release A New Day, delivers the goods once again. It has become commonplace at this point in Yandall’s career for him to release a new album of excellent smooth jazz that makes an immediate impact.

As with his previous work the songs of A New Day are filled with Yandall’s smooth guitar soloing that goes into different directions. Yandall expertly peppers the new release with elements

New York, New York-August 4, 2009-Chris Pasin’s love affair with the trumpet began at the age of nine. After many years of frustration trying to survive as a creative musician he left music to take on different occupations to support his family. As his family grew they gradually pulled him back into music by picking up instruments and reenergizing the artist.

Now after a long waiting period Pasin’s solo album Detour Ahead will finally make its debut on H20 Rec

July 28, 2009-New York, New York-Laurence Hobgood was described by jazz legend Dave Brubeck as one of the most incredible pianist’s he ever heard. Obviously this was a compliment of the highest order and one that any artist would be honored to receive.

Hobgood lives up to his billing on his recent solo release When The Heart Dances on the Naim Jazz imprint. When the pianist is not producing his own music he supports Kurt Elling with his trio.

Hobgood finds

New York, New York-July 7, 2009-Mon David has staked his claim to his own little piece of the worldwide musical rock with a great reputation in the industry and a sparkling new recording Coming True. The new release transcends the invisible barriers that we tend to put up intentionally or by habit without thinking about what there’s to miss.

Jazz is complex by nature and ever changing. Experienced artists like Mon David have the ability to tak

Hollywood, CA-July 6, 2009-Candye Kane Superhero is the name of the original song and the title of her recently released CD for Delta Groove records.

Superhero is Candye’s tenth CD and most significant to date. After fighting off deadly pancreatic cancer over the last year, it is an understatement to say that this recording is a miracle. The title of the CD applies literally and the blues never sounded more relevant for Candye and her fans.

With a ca