Kristen Pasquarelli

Kristen Pasquarelli

Saxophonist/pianist Brian Hogans has one of the most dynamic, exhilarating, and fervent sounds of today’s young jazz artists. Described as "fluid, fiery, yet subtle", Hogans pushes the creative envelope when composing and playing, setting new artistic limits for fans and musicians alike. Hogans has just released his debut solo album on Turnaround Records, titled Evidence of Things to Come.

Hogans’ background includes a lifetime of playing music. Hailing from Morrow, GA, he has wailed on the …

Atlanta - Celebrated jazz saxophonist Albert Rivera, in concert with Turnaround Records, announces the upcoming release on August 17, 2010, of his second album on Turnaround Records, entitled Inner Peace. This album is a contemporary addition to Rivera’s unique collection of smooth, musical grooves that includes his highly acclaimed first album, Re-Introduction.

For Rivera, Inner Peace represents a musical triumph in its accessibility. "The listener, whether a newcomer to jazz or a seasoned

ATLANTA - May 24, 2010 Noted jazz saxophonist Brian Hogans, together with Turnaround Records, announces the release of his debut solo album on June 1, titled Evidence of Things to Come. This album represents an artistic triumph for Hogans, who is already well-known as a member of the illustrious Sean Jones Quintet, playing his smooth saxophone sounds on two of their acclaimed albums and touring with them throughout the world.

Evidence of Things to Come includes 10 original Hogans’ compositio