Laura Marzec

Laura Marzec

Ian Shaw is a soul singer in the best sense of that term. There is truth and life in his voice, and he conveys the emotional resonance of a song every bit as well as he shapes and contours the original melodies with his personal brand of phrasing. He makes a standard or past hit his own. Shaw possesses the musicality, articulation, harmonic sophistication and supple sense of rhythm we associate with the most urbane icons of our jazz vocal tradition, but with a little something extra: an e …
Shaw’s most recent album, A World Still Turning, a unique collection of his soulful stylings featuring his distinctive rendition of "Alone Again, Naturally," was released on 441 Records in October 2003. This is Ian’s third nomination as BBC Best Jazz Vocalist.

In addition to winning the Best Vocalist award, Shaw co-hosted the event with last year’s Best Vocalist award winner, Claire Martin.

Stateside fans can listen to highlights of this year's awards on Radio 2 on Monda …