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    Adekemi Owens, known professionally and affectionately to music fans as "Kem," has come a long way from Nashville, Tennessee to his current hometown of Detroit, Michigan. So, one figures that is why this musical genius has written and performed songs…
Lee Prosser

Lee Prosser

Catalina's in Los Angeles was lucky to host the Ray Brown trio July 25-30. Bassist Ray Brown was joined by Karriem Riggins on drums and Seattle-based Larry Fuller on piano. The trio played standards in a straight-ahead but expressive style, never moving too far away from the essential melodic line. The three are tight even on slow ballads - this despite an unfortunate stage layout that kept Fuller out of eye contact for the week.

Ray Brown is a master musician. He has the unhurried attitude o

Diana Krall is without a doubt a jazz music icon. Since the release of "When I Look In Your Eyes" her name has become a household word in many circles, in and out of the jazz world. Whether hearing her performances solo; on film or as duos with many great artists, one quality remains constant. Diana Krall's beautiful voice. Since she has performed her spirited, personable versions of standards, audiences are finding jazz music fun to listen to once again. Krall's music is steeped in the finest j
Indianapolis is a city that host's great events related to sports like pro racing, basketball, football and the NCAA headquarters. During July however, the city plays host to a world -class roots / blues and jazz festival every year that rivals any other in the US or abroad. With 60,000 in attendance, the third year of the Indy Jazz -Fest has proved to be a charm. The performers ranged from James Brown, The Isley Brothers, Neville Brothers and Los Lobos on the pop stage - to Ramsey Lewis, Diane
Art Good has done it again by bringing a great lineup to Catalina for the annual festival. Many of us are fortunate enough to listen to Art's radio program each week. The radio program features music and interviews with many of the top smooth jazz musicians in the country. The show is a treat in itself , but each year in October these same featured jazz artists assemble in the Avalon Casino Ballroom on Santa Catalina for three days of super music.

This year the dates were October 2- 4 and 9-

On Friday, November 6th the popular smooth jazz group Down To The Bone came to Milwaukee. This was their second stop on their U.S. tour. Their first concert was in Chicago the night before. The beautiful Astor Street, was a perfect venue for this high class act. The blazing lobby fireplace took the chill from the fall air and led the way to a warm evening of listening and dancing pleasure.

Most of the music played was from their very popular album, From Manhattan to Staten, which has been rec

Jazz purists say none can compare to the legendary jazz performers like Charlie Parker, Stan Getz, Chet Baker or Miles Davis. They were musicians who lived and breathed the art form, but one must admit, jazz exists through musicians who performed it in the past and those who perform it now. Transcending the new breed of jazz musicians, some stand apart from the jazz-based music that today might be labeled "smooth jazz" which is anything but jazz in its purist form. One such artist is jazz trumpe
On December 30th I went to catch the performance by Richard Elliot and his band at The Rave, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I've seen Richard perform live many times since the late eighties in many different venues, including several times in the Avalon Ballroom in Catalina. He's always great and I thoroughly enjoy his performances, but this time he was perhaps the most outstanding of all.

The energy which Richard brings to the stage makes me wonder about the term "smooth jazz". It certainly doesn'

The best recordings of Duke Ellington's music can be listened to again and again, because his works are not decorations of a familiar shape but a new arrangements of shapes.

Ellington, in fact, is an authentic composer, the first jazz composer of distinction and the first black composer of distinction.

His work apart from a few minor details is not left to caprice the ear of the instrumentalist; it is written out in full score. Though in the course of time variants may creep in, th

The Sugar Village Jazz Club, Meldert, Hoegaarden, Belgium outdid themselves in presenting another terrific jazz performance. Belgium's best kept secret, The Sugar Village Jazz Club has provided twelve years of some of the best known jazz artists for the Province Vlaams Brabant. Only three-to-four performances are held throughout the year; so jazz connoisseurs keep close watch for upcoming events as they are always outstanding. The atmosphere is warm and friendly and there isn't a bad seat in

Though less spectacular than the other events of the JVC-NY the solo piano recitals held each year..... are a source of joy. These concerts start very precisely on time and are made to end similarly on the dot at the end of 60 minutes....While jazz audiences welcome starting things on time to terminate the music when everything is groovy and both artist and audience are willing, such military rigidity is most disconcerting. I remember Hilton Ruiz had to be almost physically removed at one of the