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Manuel T. Engel

Manuel T. Engel

WINNER 14th Annual Billboard World Song Contest

Swiss native Manuel T. Engel (since 2000 in NYC) was announced "WINNER (Top 3 Category Jazz) of the 14th Annual Billboard World Songwriting Contest".

Thank you Billboard!

Happy New Year!!!


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MTE's latest CD SOLIPSIST is now available at KIM's Video (8th Street and St. Marks in NYC). MTE's first Experimental/Ambient/Electronica album takes the listener on a meditative experimental journey and creates film like images in ones mind.

In addition MTE released Solipsist NYC Textures, Limited Edition. Pre recorded NYC sounds melting with beautiful rhodes and synth melodies. Short appearances by Ainsley Burrows and Digital Gypsy as well as WIKLAND, a Brooklyn based music collectiv


New York City, 10. December 2005

Young Swiss musician successful in NYC

Manuel Engel, born in 1976, received a Chrysler Jazz Award at the Montreux Jazz Festival in 2000. Since then he has been living in NYC/Brooklyn to further his music career. In both 2004 and 2005 Manuel Engel celebrated his first successes:

In 2004 Manuel Engel, out of 11.000 applications reached the semifinals at the International Songwriting Competition.

The Inte