Mike Cooke

Mike Cooke

The amazingly successful collaboration of film-maker Federico Fellini and composer Nino Rota lasted from 1951 to 1979. Twenty years later, the Italian jazz bassist and c…
You are browsing in your local bookstore. Serendipitously you are drawn to a book in a section you don’t usually venture into. You leaf through the book, and it captivat…
Let’s remember that the Jazz at the Lincoln Center Orchestra does for big band jazz what the Preservation Hall Jazz Band does for Dixieland jazz: preserves it. The difference is that the JLCO dusts off charts from a bygone age, dresses them up in contemporary designer gear, and re-presents them. And like all good jazz, to the keen listener, the original form is still there no matter what the latest development. Wynton Marsalis describes the big jazz band as "the American orchestra", and as such