The Art of Marco Esu in the world. A new CD written and interpreted from "Marco Esu" is introduced today; (guitarist and composer), its job introduces ten songs for guitar in a style between classic music and the jazz, its infuences are many and its artistic distances see collaborations with many artists of several kinds, after many years of productions of Marco and many works in order to introduce its work artistic musical, hour can finally be found a produced CD of international production fro …

After a period of hush and job dedicated to the composition, the artist Marco Esu introduces in his web site a particular series of scores and new compositions, written for several instruments and available integrally to all person who can use the web.

Having dedicated as well as time to the several studys of instruments like the guitar, violin and the piano, between which an instrument that have inspired the melodys and that …
For ESU, this 2010 is important for his new discography, with four new albums published by Idyllium Music Publishing (Milan-Italy), each album let listen the art in music of the composer.  

Talking about these works in music, we start with "Un Piccolo Universo" (an little universe), this is an album dedicated to classical guitars, in fact, listening tunes you can listen tracks with orchestral part for guitars, as genre is various, like classical, jazz, samba, flamenco and more styles of t

If we talk about the classical music world there is one name we shouldn't forget to mention. That's Ivana Marija Vidovic, born in Dubrovnik, Croatia: an enchanting place with an incredible charm, with mediaeval nuances and coloured with an Adriatic sea, always beautiful and inimitable.

During her education years nobody of her age was lucky to escape from a tremendous war. The war, of course, leaves an enormous impact on a Artist's emotions and feelings. She expresses all these experie