•  New Orleans trumpeter Nicholas Payton has never conformed to anyone or anything. Reading his Facebook posts and Twitter “tweets”, you sort of get an idea about how un-traditional he is. He speaks his mind and, should someone attempt to challenge…
  • Born in Dallas, Texas and now happily domiciled in Los Angeles, bass player Edwin Livingston could be described as being on the crest of a wave.  His CD 'Transitions' was released in late 2010 and when recently I caught up…
  • Kem Owens
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    Adekemi Owens, known professionally and affectionately to music fans as "Kem," has come a long way from Nashville, Tennessee to his current hometown of Detroit, Michigan. So, one figures that is why this musical genius has written and performed songs…
  • George Duke is a multi Grammy Award winning legend. So, when I called him to get a few quick quotes for my France Joli interview (he produced her album 'Witch Of Love') I quickly realized I needed to milk this…
Paul E. Collins

Paul E. Collins

PCAMI* is pleased to announce the addition of international jazz artist, Gumbi Ortiz to our prolific musical family. Gumbi Ortiz, percussionist was discovered by guitar virtuoso Al Di Meola in 1986 and immediately made him a member of the jazz legend’s band. Gumbi Ortiz has toured the world with his brand of thunder on percussion for more than 19 years. Although Gumbi had been playing music for many years before meeting Al Di Meola, all of his work in music seemed to prepare




Paul Collins Artist Management International better known as PCAMI* is pleased to announce the addition of saxophonist Tony La’katos to our prolific musical family.

Tony La’katos is from Frankfurt, Germany and has been playing music since the age of six progressing to the point of winning a national jazz competition in 1977, then moving on to attend the Bela Bartok Conservatory of Music-Budapest, Hunga

For Immediate Release

Contact: Paul Collins 816.377.1950

Scott Lightens the Roadway

Paul Collins Artist Management International-PCAMI* is pleased to announce the addition of multi-instrumentalist and composer Scott Lamps to our prolific musical family.

Scott is from Chicago, Illinois and a graduate of the University of Wisconsin School of Music-Madison with an emphasis in music composition. Scott’s area of concentration with PCAMI* will be in building the musical

For Immediate Release

Contact: Paul Collins-816.377.1950

Ocean’s October 11, 12 & 16

Paul Collins Artist Management International (PCAMI*), in conjunction with the Italian Institute of Culture-Los Angeles, California, c/o Dr. Francesca Valente proudly present the maestro, Roberto Magris Europlane with special guest artist, the legendary jazz bassist Dr. Art Davis. The Roberto Magris Europlane will be performing (2) shows each night at Catalina Bar and Grill in

For Immediate Release

For further information contact

Paul Collins, 816.377.1950


Paul Collins Artist Management International, better known as PCAMI*, is pleased to announce a musical collaboration with world famous legendary bassist, educator and composer Dr. Art Davis of USA and Roberto Magris, international jazz pianist and composer from Trieste, Italy. The development of this musical collaboration will prove to be the "ascension" of yet another positive force for music.

"The accomplishments of Dr. Davis are we

Paul Collins Artist Management International is pleased to announce the addition of Mark Saltman, bass and William Knowles, piano to our prolific musical family. These upcoming talented jazz musicians and gifted composers are from Washington, D.C., the home of the late great international jazz legend Duke Ellington. Their debut CD entitled "Sandcastles" showcases their music skills and potential as upcoming artists on the global jazz scene. Stand out tracks are: "Port 40", "Catch a Firefly",

Paul Collins Artist Management International is pleased to announce the addition of Gregg Juke, singer, songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist to our prolific musical family.

Gregg Juke, a native of Buffalo, New York, is a 20 year veteran of the music scene in "The City of No Illusions" which has spawned the likes of the Goo Goo Dolls, Ani DiFranco, Rick James, award winning bassist Billy Sheehan and countless national recording artists.

Gregg has had a long standin

Paul Collins Artist Management International is pleased to announce the addition of Novak & Haar to our prolific musical family. This up and coming jazz trio from Omaha, Nebraska has developed a rich and diverse musical presence over the years.

The core membership of Novak & Haar is made up of jazz guitarist Jon Novak and bassist Mark Haar. This trio has been performing together as a jazz duo since 1998. Prior to forming Novak & Haar, Jon and Mark had played together in var


A Clear Eye View

Published in Press Releases

When my daughter was much younger and still in middle school, my wife and I received several notes from one of her teachers telling us that Aubree (our daughter) was disrupting her class by talking too much. We found the teachers comments hard to believe, since something like this had never happened to her before at school. This went on for several weeks during the semester and we continued to ignore this teacher and her comments for weeks throughout the semester. Since we had not received an

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