Rafe Gomez

Rafe Gomez

The Groove Boutique, America's first jazz radio mix show, has debuted on American commercial radio.

The Groove Boutique is hosted by veteran jazz-funk mix show d.j. Rafe Gomez and is syndicated by United Stations Radio Networks. The show features a blended mix of vibrant jazz music, much of which has never been played on American commercial radio - including 70s soul jazz, 80s jazz-funk, 90s acid jazz, and today's dancefloor jazz, house jazz, and uptempo smooth jazz.

"There are actually tw …

Tommy Boy Records announces the upcoming release of Groove Boutique:Volume One - A Seamless Blend of Smooth Jazzy Grooves, which is the world’s first mix CD of laidback jazzy music that’s specifically designed to appeal to 25+ men and women.

Groove Boutique:Volume One was compiled and blended by Rafe Gomez, the d.j./host/producer of The Groove Boutique, a top-rated, syndicated jazz mix radio program, which is hugely popular with adult listeners in the top markets acro …