Rodrigo Rodriguez

Rodrigo Rodriguez

Rodrigo Rodriguez is a world music composer, producer, instrumentalist, and recording artist based in, Tokyo (Japan).

He was born in 1978, Argentina. In 1988 he moved to Spain. From an early age, he started to study modern and classical guitar with different teachers in Majorca, such as Damiá Timoner (guitarist and composer).

In the middle of his professional musical path, he came across the shakuhachi (a Japanese bamboo flute, used by Budhist monks in meditation practices the s …

Hasan Hujairi & Rodrigo Rodriguez in Concert.

December 13th, 2006 at "Imperial Hotel Tokyo"

On the occasion of Bahrain's National Day, the Bahraini Ambassador is
hosting a reception,to which many diplomats, political and social leaders
are invited.

During the reception, Rodrigo Rodgriguez and Hasan Hujairi will be
performing aduet between the Japanese Shakuhachi Flute and the Arabian
Oud, as a symbol of "cultural exchange and understanding".



Inner Thoughts

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Inner Thoughts released: April 24, 2006

The latest production of Spanish composer, Rodrigo Rodriguez.
This album consists in mix of the East and the West in one only music used traditional Asian and western instruments.

Healing melodies of Spanish singer, Cristina Brunet, shakuhachi flute,acoustic guitar...which makes your atmosphere relaxing and comfortable

Inner Thoughts

During about a year of composition, we inspire the intension in mixed