Rozanne Levine

Rozanne Levine

Time: 9:00PM

55Bar, 55 Christopher Street (between Waverly Place and Seventh Avenue South)

Admission: $10 cover charge

Information: telephone - 212-929-9883,
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"There's wallpaper music and "major league" stuff; "No Respect" belongs without the slightest doubt to the latter category... right here you'll find a kind of adventurous playing never falling short of the highest level of creativity...The rhythm section formed by Duval and R …

When: Sunday, August 1, 2004

Where: 55 Bar, 55 Christopher Street (between Waverly Place and Seventh Avenue South), New York City

Time: 9:30PM

Admission: $10 cover charge

Information: telephone - 212-929-9883

The 55 Bar welcomes back The New Reed Quartet for a summer concert on August 1st. The group is warming up before we return to the studio to finish up our debut CD. We are eager to get together again -- clarinetist Perry Robinson is just back from his annual artist reside …

We at Acoustics are happy to announce that saxophonist Mark Whitecage has a brand-new release:

BushWacked A Spoken Opera

BushWacked, a spoken word opera, finds Mark Whitecage with a totally new Band, Concept, and Direction! In addition to West Coast electronic wizard Scott Steele on guitar combined with the keyboard artistry of Bill Larimer, Mark has added Perry Robinson's prize pupil Rozanne Levine on Bb & alto clarinets, with long-time collaborator Robert (Mike) Mahaffay on d