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Lost Canyons

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Throughout the western United States, there still are remote, uninhabited wilderness areas of serenity and great beauty, especially forsaken canyons where native tribes once lived, some of them thousands of years ago. Musician Scott August, a multi-instrumentalist best-known for his artistry in playing Native American wood flutes, has crafted a recording, Lost Canyons, that captures the experience of spending a day surrounded by nature in one of these secluded locations.

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On his second album, A Still Motion, solo pianist Michael Samson has created a work of art that musically and philosophically explores what he calls "The Big Paradox" -- a hidden world beneath the surface of everyday life where you can discover meaningful movement and rhythms, the beauty in opposites and contradictions, and often-unrecognized connections between people.

"On the surface of our lives, we see the world with a necessary, pra …


The albums by keyboardist and composer Jamie Craig occupy a unique position in the musical world because they create a new fusion that blends the soft emotionalism of new age music with the fiery progressive edginess of jazz-rock.  He follows his Top 10 instrumental-music debut recording The Lost Dream with a new CD, Illumination.

"I grew up listening to and playing the classic progressive-rock music of the Seventies," explains Craig, "so when I started …

From the moment the Ahn Trio stepped onto the international music scene stage, they have defied categorization, broken musical barriers and revolutionized perceptions of classical music. With their fifth recording, Lullaby for my Favorite Insomniac, their debut CD on SONY BMG Masterworks (RCA Red Seal), they perform all contemporary compositions and stretch well beyond traditional classical music to the point that their music now contains just as much jazz, avant-garde, chill, lo …

Adam Rafferty is not only one of New York City's most-respected jazz guitarists, but he also is a leader in the field of "new traditionalism" in jazz. On his latest album with his trio, THREE SOULS, he demonstrates his deep affection for a classic, mainstream jazz sound, but for the first time he applies his technique to all-original material which allows him to bring more of his background to the mix with hints of blues, rock, funk and classical.

Rafferty, nicknamed "Swingmonster," has perfor …