Sheila Chadwick

Sheila Chadwick

Pianist and composer Bobby G. Summers introduces many unusual and unorthodox things in jazz, notably the title track "Just Jazzin' Off" and his classic rendition of Minnie …

My mother had a friend who passed on some time ago and that lady was one of the biggest Lou Rawls' fans in the world. She had a life-sized, cardboard cut out of him in the entryway of her home. I mean she was a ''ride and die'' fan. I wouldn't go as far as to sticking a cardboard cut out of Will Downing in my foyer, but the way my autographed poster of him followed me from apartment to apartment for years, signifies that he is my absolute favorite male singer of all times.

I was intro …

Saxophone players are not unusual to the world of music but when you find one whose influences have stemmed from his love of Hip Hop plus traditional jazz music, you got something pretty special on your hands. To be exact, you have an ''Uncommon Denominator'' that is indivisible by anything that doesn't equate to the love of music.

I caught up with Hidden Beach recording artist, Mike Phillips, one Tuesday evening while he was on the road in Cleveland, OH and we ''chopped …