• Law school creates more than a few challenges. There are hours upon hours of studying, grueling hours interning at law firms, and financial bills that need to find a way to get paid. For many law students the adversity is…
  •  New Orleans trumpeter Nicholas Payton has never conformed to anyone or anything. Reading his Facebook posts and Twitter “tweets”, you sort of get an idea about how un-traditional he is. He speaks his mind and, should someone attempt to challenge…
  • Kem Owens
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    Adekemi Owens, known professionally and affectionately to music fans as "Kem," has come a long way from Nashville, Tennessee to his current hometown of Detroit, Michigan. So, one figures that is why this musical genius has written and performed songs…
  • Born in Dallas, Texas and now happily domiciled in Los Angeles, bass player Edwin Livingston could be described as being on the crest of a wave.  His CD 'Transitions' was released in late 2010 and when recently I caught up…
Suzana Z. Brathwaite

Suzana Z. Brathwaite

Andrea Brachfeld - High Falutin' Latin Jazz
By Ben Ohmart,

Listening to Andrea Brachfeld and Son Charanga's Back with Sweet Passion album is like investing in a time machine. You're going back to the late 1960s or early 1970s when you set the CD to repeat play.

There's little to find fault with in Back with Sweet Passion, with its stylish, traditionally Latin rhythms and the courtly bob of the lite sound of flute that per …


A Little Space Visualized

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A Little Space Visualized - Portrait of the Music as a Young Artist

The collaboration between creator and listener has gained another collaborator. With the aid of composer/performer Alan Gruskoff, now the music itself speaks to us as an artist. No, we aren't getting into heavy semantics, nor is this a new marketing gimmick.

In this chronically visual world of ours, it was only a matter of time before music videos went one better. For those Windows users out …

Spotlight On Rolando Sanchez & Salsa Hawaii

When did the band first form?

[Rolando Sanchez & Salsa Hawaii] Summer of 1989 in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Who are the current members and what are their backgrounds?

[Rolando Sanchez & Salsa Hawaii] Judi Palmeira, Keyboards, vocals. Japanese/Portuguese/Hawaiian
George Demesillo, Bass, vocals. Filipino/Spanish/Hawaiian
Clarice Beanauro, back-up vocals. Filipino/Hawaiian …

Spotlight on Orquesta Charangoa

When did the band first form?

[Orquesta Charangoa] I went to Cuba twice in 1996. Both trips I spent the whole time studying charanga flute with Richard Egues, of Orquesta Aragon fame. He and I became very close and he gave me several arrangements to start a band with. I returned to L.A. and started Orquesta Charangoa in 1997.

What brought all the members together as one band?

[Orquesta Charangoa] I brought everyone …


Joseph Patrick Moore

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Joseph Patrick Moore - Drum N Bass Society
By Chris Burnett,

With the release of his fourth CD as a leader, DRUM N BASS SOCIETY - Vol. 1 (Blue Canoe Records - 2004), Joseph Patrick Moore captures a variety of moods, sound textures, and grooves - yes, he always grooves. His musical inspiration comes from a diverse range of musical styles and is motivated by the influences of various legendary artists of many different musical genres. Yet, his m …


Clarissa y Familia Latina

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Spotlight on Clarissa y Familia Latina

When did the band first form?

Clarissa First was the project in Cuba. After back in Berlin we formed the band.

What brought everyone together as one band?

Clarissa We know each other many years from other projects.

How would you describe your music and playing style?

Clarissa Together we create a firework display of world music styles shining in dif …