• George Duke is a multi Grammy Award winning legend. So, when I called him to get a few quick quotes for my France Joli interview (he produced her album 'Witch Of Love') I quickly realized I needed to milk this…
  • Kem Owens
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    Adekemi Owens, known professionally and affectionately to music fans as "Kem," has come a long way from Nashville, Tennessee to his current hometown of Detroit, Michigan. So, one figures that is why this musical genius has written and performed songs…
  • Born in Dallas, Texas and now happily domiciled in Los Angeles, bass player Edwin Livingston could be described as being on the crest of a wave.  His CD 'Transitions' was released in late 2010 and when recently I caught up…
  •  New Orleans trumpeter Nicholas Payton has never conformed to anyone or anything. Reading his Facebook posts and Twitter “tweets”, you sort of get an idea about how un-traditional he is. He speaks his mind and, should someone attempt to challenge…
Turiya Mareya

Turiya Mareya

El Dragon Rojo Bar
Calle 1r Entre Revolucion y Constitucion Frente a Plaza Santa Cecilia
Articula #123
1934 Zona Central

Admission Free 9 pm

Veteran Latin Jazz Pianist is collaborating with Percussionist Javier Cabanillas in a new project being presented at El Dragon Bar in Tijuana Mexico.

Performing with bassist Juan Tettras, the trio plays classic and original music and arrangements by Turiya Mareya . The music flows from traditional Boleros and mainst

Binacional Jazz Descarga at El Lugar del Nopal Turiya Mareya hosts Latin Jazz Jam Session featuring Artists from Tijuana and San Diego

Wednedsday November 14th at 8 pm The Bi-nancional Jazz Descarga will feature:

Puerto Rican Percussionist Gene "Negro" Perry

Tijuana Percussionist Javier Cabanillas

Cuban Guitarist Ignacio Arango

Vocalist Luisa Corredor.

And the Binacional Jazz Descarga House band!

Turiya Mareya - Piano

Azar Lawrence A New Revelation, Jazz Disciple

Azar Lawrence's CD release, Music and Legacy of John Coltrane has
ascended him to Revelations Anew - Azar Lawrence A New Revelation

The Los Angeles' Jazz scene historically can be labeled as Classical and
Eclectic. Native Angeleno, Azar Lawrence has truly been a major
contributor to the West Coast music landscape beginning in the early

Known for arranging, composing, and playing for McCoy Tyne

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