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William Jackson

Greetings Fans:

May I Come In? by Pamela Hart is Number 1 and with your support, it'll stay there. As part of this contest, a song must not only reach Number 1, but stay there through the end of May. We Can Do This TOGETHER!

The mesmerizing Pamela Hart takes advantage of OurStage the site for Serious Musicians and Serious Fans. We've certainly appreciated the amazing and consistent support you've given to Pamela over the past few months and hope

What A Woman Wants the HIT CD by Superstar Vocalist Maria Johnston is available at Http://, Waterloo Records in Austin, TX and a host of online digital hosts which you can search on Maria Johnston, What A Woman Wants via Google.

Hear original music from What A Woman Wants by visiting Maria's official site on ReverbNation @

Maria is poised to become one o

Recently the lovely and talented Ms. Pamela Hart was Featured on the Smooth Show hosted by Mr. Bavu Blakes of MET Television. Pamela chatted with Bavu about her illustrious career and very exciting upcoming events.

We’re pleased to report this interview and a special live performance with Mr. James Polk is available to you on YouTube and we invite you to view the Feature @

Just as a reminder, Pamela’s official website is Http://www.

Super Star Vocalist Pamela Hart is an amazing singer who has sang with some of the Best vocalists in the industry. I'm sure you've heard of Ms. Nancy Wilson, Diane Reeves, Patrice Rushen and Gil Askey. Pamela has had the pleasure working with this amazing musicans and is looking forward to working with many others.

In the meantime, Pamela Hart performs live around the Austin area at Joe DiMaggio's, Sullivans and other premier venues. She also is performing internation

Maria Johnston's latest release titled What A Woman Wants is waiting for you to enjoy. This collection of Original Material is sure to move your soul and contribute to creating "happy" memories.

Your copy of What A Woman Wants is waiting for you at Http:// and Waterloo Records in Austin, Texas. It's also available from a host of digital venues throughout the World Wide Web.

Visit Maria's Official sites at Http://www.MariaJ

Below are a few reviews of Pamela Hart's Hit CD, May I Come In? which is available to you at Http:// Visit her at Http:// or Http:// While on Myspace, I beg you to try out Ever Blue, its simply amazing. Pamela's perfect tone, pitch and clarity will simply blow you away. Hear her at ReverbNation Http:// s


Check out Maria Johnston's new Show Case Site at Fuzz You'll hear snippets of tracks from Maria's latest HIT CD, What A Woman Wants. The Site is currently being built and will contain everything you need to know about Maria from pictures to tour scheduling, but we wanted to share it with you as its being built.

What is Fuzz you ask? Fuzz is a new breed of music c

Fans in the UK are really enjoying the music of Tammy Harris. The airplay, time and attention have been OUTSTANDING and we really appreciate being able to musically reach out to our Fans. We look forward to adding international dates to our performance schedule.

Mark G through Soul Heaven Music UK Soul With a Capital S, is featuring the Single Natural Vibe which is an amazing Single and tearing up the Charts and radio formats across the World. I’m equally proud of it because I wrote the l

What A Woman Wants by Maria Johnston is available to you at Http:// Maria Johnston is poised to become one of the most impressive artists to arise during the 21st century; but a diversely talented individual in her own right. She's praised for her elastic ability to move easily from Jazz to Ambient genres of music while often composing her own material. She's complimented for her ability to place herself into the lyrics she sings and re

We’re pleased to report that Tammy Harris and two songs from her hit CD, Natural Vibe, have been nominated for the 2007 Los Angeles Music Awards. The Songs are Come Over and If. The Los Angeles Music Awards (LAMA) is the largest and longest running Hollywood red carpet event for Independent Artists in the world! Join us on November 29, 2007 in the heart of Hollywood for the biggest show ever in our 17 year history!

Access the following link to see Tammy’s nominations in the R&B Categ
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