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Broadway, The Golden Years by Robert Emmet Long

BROADWAY, THE GOLDEN YEARS has 2 parts, and 8 chapters, with an informative introduction, epilogue, notes, bibliography, and index. There is a photograph section which captures the essence of the individuals this book is concerned with.

In part one, there are 4 sections: "Agnes de Mille," Jerome Robbins: Early Fame," Jerome Robbins: "West Side Story,"" and "Jerome Robbins: The Later Career." In part two, there are 4 sections: "Bob Fosse," "Gower Champion," "Michael Bennett," and "Tommy Tune."

Of special interest to this reviewer is the material concerning Gower Champion. Marge and Gower Champion were highly popular dancers in television variety shows and movies during the 1950s. Some of their movies together include "Mr. Music" (1950), the roles of Ellie and Frank in the remake of the Jerome Kern musical "Show Boat" (1951), "Give A Girl A Break" (1953), among others. Gower Champions Broadway work is the stuff legends are made of in show business! A photograph of Marge and Gower Champion dancing together is found in the photograph section. Gower was prolific and his approach was cinematic. In 1979 while in California Gower was found to be suffering from Waldenstrom's Syndrome a form of leukemia. When Gower Champion died on August 251980 he left behind a career that destined him to rank among the most brilliant and innovative American choreographer/directors in American stage and movie history.

Congratulations to author Robert Emmet Long on a fine entertaining book. BROADWAY THE GOLDEN YEARS is well-written detailed and interesting. It is a fine resource book that will appeal to a wide reading audience.

BROADWAY THE GOLDEN YEARS is an excellent biographical and cultural reference on the great choreographer/directors during the golden years of Broadway. For readers who are interested in the legends of Broadway this book brings them alive in detail!'

Additional Info

  • Book Title: Broadway, The Golden Years
  • Author: Robert Emmet Long
  • Publisher: Continuum
  • Year Published: 2001
  • Book Type:: Non-Fiction
  • ISBN: 826413471
  • Rating: Five Stars
  • Number of Pages: 312
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