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Innerviews: Music Without Borders by Anil Prasad

Anil Prasad is a highly insightful author, and he captures perfectly the feelings of his subjects in the well-written Innerviews: Music Without Borders. This book is concise and treats its material with respect and scholarship. Essentially, this book is about what could be best described as extraordinary conversations with extraordinary musicians. It is well worth your time to read.

The questions Anil Prasad presents to those he is interviewing are to the point, and unlike many books of this kind, the people interviewed give straight-forward answers with details. The book also contains photographs.

These are the people Anil Prasad talks with and interviews. To the reading audience, there are bound to be many that have a personal interest, and for jazz fans, these names speak for themselves. Those interviewed include: Jon Anderson, Bjork, Bill Bruford, Martin Carthy, Ani DiFranco, David Torn, Bela Felck, Noa, Tangerine Dream, McCoy Tyner, Joe Zawinul, among others. The book contains a total of twenty-four interviews.

If you are looking for something enjoyable and unusual, this collection of jazz interviews will delight you greatly! One such example is how it came about that Stanley Clarke said no to Miles Davis. Another example is how John McLaughlin turned the tables on the jazz police!

Anil Prasad is the editor and publisher of "Innerviews" located at He has crafted a book to be proud of, and one that jazz readers will immediately find a home for in their jazz libraries.

Highly readable. Highly recommended. This is an interview book that works well and reveals what those being interviewed really care about, feel, and openly wish to share with their fans and readers.

Congratulations, Anil Prasad, for a job well-done. It would be nice to see a sequel to this book with additional extraordinary musicians in the spotlight!

Additional Info

  • Book Title: Innerviews: Music Without Borders
  • Author: Anil Prasad
  • Publisher: Abstract Logix Books
  • Year Published: 2010
  • Book Type:: Non-Fiction
  • ISBN: 9780578015187
  • Rating: Four Stars
  • Number of Pages: 315
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