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My Fathers Daughter' by Tina Sinatra (with Jeff Coplon)

To many, Frank Sinatra was the master of song and a fine actor. To those who knew him, there was another side of the man to consider. His career is well-documented.

In this candid memoir by daughter Tina Sinatra, the readers can see what made Old Blue Eyes tick. The same man who was a close friend to Shirley MacLaine, and a man who believed in the possibilities of reincarnation, and the leader of the Rat Pack, he was also a gifted artist and freely helped people when he saw a need. An example of the kindness and way in which he shielded the dignity of friends was when he was visited his friend, actor Bruce Cabot, in Biarritz, France near the Atlantic Ocean. Cabot was very thin and frail and most people did not know he was dying of cancer. When the wind shifted, Cabot shivered but seemed not to realize it due to pain. Sinatra quickly covered the dying actor with his own windbreaker. It is these simple, yet definitive unknown acts of kindness that Sinatra did which most people are not aware of. The book shows many such incidents of kindness by Frank Sinatra.

There is also the rough side of Frank Sinatra, the funny side of Frank Sinatra, the fatherly side of Frank Sinatra, and the lovers side of Frank Sinatra. This is a well-written book with many photographs comments from those around Sinatra and a nice index. This will be a book most Sinatra fans will want to own and have in their home library collection. For those interested in Sinatra this book is invaluable.

In a beautifully stated ending Tina Sinatra remembers her love for her father with these words: "In that love I am my father's daughter and always will be."

This was a wonderful reading experience and an insightful look into the man named Frank Sinatra. MY FATHER's DAUGHTER is a reading entertainment.'MY FATHERs DAUGHTER is a no-holds-barred look at one of the world greatest entertainers Frank Sinatra a touching and frank memoir by his daughter Tina Sinatra. A balanced look at Sinatra his love affairs his physical problems and bad health his temper and his kindnesses. You understand the man after reading this book.'

Additional Info

  • Book Title: My Fathers Daughter'
  • Author: Tina Sinatra (with Jeff Coplon)
  • Publisher: Simon & Schuster
  • Year Published: 2000
  • Book Type:: Non-Fiction
  • ISBN: 684870762
  • Rating: Five Stars
  • Number of Pages: 313
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