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Stan Getz: Nobody Else But Me by Dave Gelly

What I liked most about David Gellys approach to the subject of Stan Getz was his straight-ahead analysis and blunt honesty about one of the great icons of American jazz. Well-written this is a classic biography of one the world giants of jazz music and jazz saxophone.

There has never been a finer saxophonist with such a pure and beautiful tenor tone than the late Stan Getz. As John Coltrane said about Stan Getz: "We"d all sound like that if we could."

This book covers in detail Getz's turbulent personal life his role as father and husband his genius for playing the saxophone his involvement with big bands and small bands and the effect on his life when he became a world household name during the 1960s bossa nova craze with his bossa nova hit "The Girl from Ipanema." He fought a lifelong battle with alcohol and drug addiction. David Gelly gives an insightful look at Stan Getz the man and Stan Getz the jazz musician.

If you like Stan Getz music you will enjoy this entertaining book. There is an abundance of information concerning who Stan Getz performed with how he helped aspiring jazz musicians and what he believed what his way of musical expression. Nothing is overlooked in this honest approach to the life of Stan Getz.

Congratualtions to author Dave Gelly and Backbeat Books for bringing this fine biography to publication. If you like Stan Getz you will like this book. STAN GETZ: NOBODY ELSE BUT ME should be placed in every Public Library jazz music section for reference and enjoyable reading. Highly recommended.'

Additional Info

  • Book Title: Stan Getz: Nobody Else But Me
  • Author: Dave Gelly
  • Publisher: Backbeat Books
  • Year Published: 2002
  • Book Type:: Biography
  • ISBN: 879307293
  • Rating: Five Stars
  • Number of Pages: 176
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