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Find full CD and individual track reviews of your favorite jazz artists right here, and hopefully you also discover some new artists to add to your collection as well.

Robin Aleman new album In your eyes starts with a bang with the cool version of Irving Berlin Steppin out with my baby. Most of the song is just drums and Robin voice with impressive piano and drums solos by David Epstein and Brian Adler. In almost all the tracks Robin is accompanied by a trio of just piano, bass and drums. This format allows the listener to appreciate Robin beautiful tone and unique phrasing. Listen to the wonderful version of All or nothing at all or the bass and voice arrange
Every once in a while one comes across a CD of such quality and beauty that restore your faith in music. Brenda Hopkins Miranda’s Memoirs from Granada is that kind of CD. A music jewel from beginning to end, in Memoirs from Granada, Brenda captivates the listener with an exquisite fusion of Jazz, music from Spain and of course, music from her country, Puerto Rico. Brenda Hopkins is a wonderful pianist, with extraordinary technique, equally impressive playing either Jazz, Rock, or Classical music
Salvatore Bonafede is a jazz pianist born in Palermo, Sicily, in 1962. If you’ll pardon the reference to Mario Puzo’s novel The Godfather, he made his bones at the Berklee School of Music, and with bosses Jerry Bergonzi, Joe Lovano, Judi Silvano, the late Lester Bowie, and John Scofield. He is of the generation(s) of jazz players from whom influences beyond jazz are not only not verboten, but to be relished and nurtured. To wit, Bonafede covers two slightly-off-the-beaten-trail Beatles' songs (w
Morello and Barth is a partnership between guitarist and saxophonist/flutist that found its full expression in the land of the Bossa Nova. In 2001 the two went to Rio with the intent to be close to the music. Their experience, the hospitality, the collaboration, the creativity became “Fim De Semana Em Eldorado” (Weekend in Eldorado). This truly wonderful recording of Samba and Bossa Nova compositions bridges the old with the new. Two young musicians come together with the music of a country
“Life of the Music” is Lauren Hooker’s second CD coming three years after her debut effort. The CD gives an expansive sampling of Ms. Hooker’s styles and skills as vocalist, composer and pianist. The CD features many of her own compositions executed by a talented list of musicians including John Hart on guitars, and a guest appearance of Mike Richmond on cello and acoustic bass, as well as many other players. Hooker’s vocal styling is unique and her lyrics lend themselves to that style. Whi
When a group of musicians have been playing together for twenty years, there sometimes develops an intimacy in the music that transcends the work and is conveyed to the listener as a form of completed dialogue. On their sixth recording together, aptly called just “SIX”, the Stevens, Siegel & Ferguson Trio has just that kind of dialogue. The result is an evolved expression of their music that enables individuality and synergy within a shared dialogue space. On “SIX”, the trio blend a combin
Described as the “Queen of Beale Street” by some, and “Memphis’ Queen of jazz, soul and pop” by others, Joyce Cobb earns any accolade that she has garnered over the years on her latest self-titled CD recorded with the Michael Jefry Stevens Trio. Ms. Cobb is a vocal talent that conjures up all sorts of images of the great jazz singers. Stevens, in an interview in the studio (Youtube) describes Cobb as “a cross between Billy Holliday and Ella Fitzgerald.” I couldn’t agree with him more. While th
Like the tittle suggests this album is full of Jazz standards wonderfully interpreted by singer Lisa Maxell. Standards like the swinging versions of Cole Porter You'd be so nice to come home to, Rodgers and Hart My Romance and Ray Noble I hedn't anyone till you with extraordinaire piano solos by Lisa husband George Newall, who also did all the arrangements and produced the album.This is an album full of romance also and like t
Two hands to do the deed. Eight note in a search of a scale. Nine songs in 45 minutes, and 88 keys at his command. So, what is a solo pianist to do now?Well, for Jim Hegarty, the options presented above form an aural playground where five originals and four standards receive random reorganizations as infinite melodic possibilities are stretched this way, that way, and – oh, hell, why not?! – that way, too.Hegarty’s Cut it/out (Noise Reduction Society) is best described as a soundtrack for a free
Sunday afternoons could not be more alluring than with an assured vocal intimacy that captures the inner soul of an ageless lover's romantic sway. Enter vocalist Ms. Annie Kozuch. Actress and singer, her gift to sensually embrace one's “purr” with the feel of her tones is an intriguing gift for a debut spin. This enchanting artist, in her multi-gifted journey, has stylistically evoked the jazz audience with Here with You – a self released 2010 virgin project that takes her to another level, once
Big bands haven't been mainstream for decades, but they're still with us. Alex Stewart's Making the Scene, a fascinating discussion of contemporary big-band music, lists 86 groups based in New York City alone--and Stewart says the list is incomplete. Managing a big band is difficult, and they rarely earn their members a living wage. So why are there so many? Well, jazz musicians often dig the sound—and the challenge of sitting alongside knowledgeable peers while reading new charts. Composer/arra
Classical and jazz saxophonist and composer Ryan Kauffman, plays and teaches in central and eastern Pennsylvania. Among the places he teaches include the Pennsylvania Academy of Music, the Darlington Arts Center and Westtown School. Among the artists he has performed with include David Liebman, Steve Giordano, Tim Warfield, Steve Wilson and the Lancaster Symphony Orchestra. He holds degrees from Mennonite University and West Chester University. Three Little Words is his self-produced and rel
Among the wealth of archival material released during present times, this combo CD+DVD product looms as a rather scintillating entry into the band’s storied discography. The live session denotes never before released material, culled from Germany’s "NDR Jazz Workshop,” recorded in 1973. And as the press release cites, the album marks one of the earliest shows by this incarnation of the band, supplemented by guitarist Gary Boyle (Isotope) and saxophonist Art Themen. Moreover, the accompanying
Let's Touch the Sky is Fourplay's 12th CD since they made their jazz debut in 1991, and it is one of their finest to date. A remarkably smooth collection, this is straight-ahead/classic jazz at its very best.If you enjoy Fourplay, you will enjoy this lovely collection of fresh material. The jazz is alive, and the performances are filled with verve and intimacy.There are eleven songs in the collection. "Let's Touch the Sky," "3rd Degree," "More Than a Dream," "Pineapple Getaway," "I'll Still Be L
Eclecticism – Drawing from a plethora of grooves/styles from around the world.The above definition of the title of the first release from fo/mo/deep is provided on the back cover of the group’s new CD. Also included on the CD cover is a self-characterization by fo/mo/deep that reads “An Eclectic Groove Oriented – Funky Jazz Collective.” That assessment is concise and sums up their mission astutely. fo/mo/deep is a vibrant jazz collective which utilizes their dynamic rhythm section to keep th
Grammy award winning keyboardist, singer, composer and producer George Duke takes a jazz funk glance back into his musical past with Deja vu. Deja vu is the experience of feeling that one has witnessed or experience a new situation previously. That's the mode you're in when you listen to the funk-driven energy of Duke's new CD. The sound has characterized some of Duke's most memorable recordings from the golden age of funk and soul and has made Duke a platinum selling artist. Produced by Duke,
4Ever Jia is the debut cd from the John Blackwell Project (JBP) and what a fantastic debut it is. Those familiar with the Blackwell name will know that John is a world class drummer and groove master having played with the likes of Prince, Cameo and Patti Labelle to name but a few, but you would be mistaken in thinking that this is purely a drummers cd, (no bad thing in itself considering Blackwell’s skills) but it really is so much more. In 2008 and after the Buddy Rich memorial concert the Joh
Point A to Point A is a classic jazz style collaboration between trumpet player Reggie Pittman and pianist Loren Daniels. The album starts with "On the B.T.," a bebop piece dedicated to composer Bobby Timmons. "Clarion Call" is an odd, but interesting composition with the always powerful trumpet playing of Reggie Pittman, and a superb swinging groove by the rhythm section, Loren Daniels, bassist Bill Moringand Tim Horner on drums.The beautiful melodies of the ballad "Fall," bring images of the c
Though he is relatively new to the New York jazz scene, Memphis-born bassist Stephan Crump already has an impressively broad-minded musical resumé, having worked with (among others) blue-eyed soul crooner Michael McDonald, ex-Jefferson Airplane and Hot Tuna guitarist Jorma Kaukonen, singer-songwriter (and wife) Jen Chapin, saxophonist Greg Osby, and Gregg Bendian's Mahavishnu Project. His current primary gig is with the avant-jazz piano genius Vijay Iyer. Crump's own Rosetta Trio with acoustic g
Unsung is a music collaboration between vocalist Vanessa Fernandez and guitarist Steve Wright. Wright sound have influences of smooth jazz guitar players like George Benson. Vanessa’s voice sounds at time like singer Sade especially on songs like Thinkin it lately, an interesting composition with African percussive rhythms of Steve Wright on guitar and If Only with Bossa influences. In the first track I’ve been there too there is definitely an influence of the rock group The Police and his legen