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Find full CD and individual track reviews of your favorite jazz artists right here, and hopefully you also discover some new artists to add to your collection as well.

Recordings like Jeff Antoniuk's Brotherhood invariably make me think hard about what I mean when I use the term 'modern mainstream jazz.' In one sense, it's an okay (not great) term to use when describing jazz that isn't fusion (but could have some fusion-y leanings), isn't really avant garde (but often has some 'out' harmonies and ideas), is influenced largely by the classic bop and post-bop jazz of the 50s and 60s, and consists largely of the players' original compositions. Somehow, these sort
Barbara Martin’s CD, Eyes on the Horizon, is a jazz vocals that is marvelously and brilliantly mixed with a combination of swing, ballads, Latin, and a jazz waltz. It has been produced by Barbara Martin herself, as well as co-produced by Mac Walker. Barbara Martin’s songs are originals. She has written each and every song on this CD except for two: “Eyes on the Horizon,” written by Joel Evans, and “Painting a Picture,” written by Mac Walker. Within this CD, Barbara Martin holds on to what some m
There’s more than meets the eyes and ears on this 2010 release by gifted trumpeter Peter Evans and his superfine band. In the liners, Evans states his plight which may be akin to rummaging through a salvage yard and retrofitting parts from classic cars into high--performance racers. It’s a stylistic methodology as the artist derives components from timeless standards by Jerome Kern and the piece “ICP,” which references the fabled and cutting-edge European band ICP Orchestra, among other comp