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Depth Perception by Eleven Eyes

Okay. I demand to know why the producers of the remake of the movie "Shaft" did not use Eleven Eyes to do the majority of their soundtrack. This album is so funky that other cds in my collection just can't help but stare.

This album is not for the jazz purist, by any means. The main instrument seems to be turntables and sound effects manipulation, backed up by a strong drum beat and some tasty horn lines. As unorthodox as that may seem, there's some really wild stuff happening on this disc. The scratching, the voice samples, the strong bass, guitar and horns...I cannot even begin to imagine how in the heck they could ever perform these tunes live.

The opening number, "Overdrawn" sets the funk tone immediately, and with a strong sampling of turntable action, you know what you're in for. This is definitely an album that you buy and immediately put in your car's cd player. I can pretty much guarantee that you'll be pulled over for speeding or at least some irratic driving. "Fletch" has a nice synth baseline with some wacky audio tricks that make this album really fun to listen to with headphones. Hancock's "Maiden Voyage" is covered here, and is really, really fun to listen to if you have a very powerful subwoofer (there are subtones used here that rattle the fillings in your teeth).

I really dig this cd. I'm not sure if it will move the genre further down the evolutionary path, but it was a lot of fun to listen to.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Eleven Eyes
  • CD Title: Depth Perception
  • Genre: Acid Jazz
  • Year Released: 2003
  • Record Label: New & Improve Music
  • Rating: Five Stars
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