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Points of Order by Bill Laswell

This CD has sounds, gadgets, rap / spoken and sometimes, unspoken words that seems to take prescient over music at times. Computer programming loops, dubs, and effects are all tools that one can used to make or enhance music. The downside is too much of this can sound too studio. The over use of these tools is evident on this CD. The producer and / or engineer either feel asleep or thought he was doing this project for a film score. I want to believe it was the latter. I don’t really get to here the true musicianship of the players. Cohesiveness is almost non existent. Nevertheless, "Points of order" has its place.

The syncopated feel of the drums played by Karsh Kale, the solid bass lines delivered by Bill Laswell to the Miles influenced trumpet done by Toshinori Kondo and Graham Haynes had me nostalgic for an evening at the Fillmore west.

After playing the CD two or three times, I realized it has some nice cuts on it. Now, I not sure I would want to pay to hear this in concert or attempt to have a romantic evening with this playing in the background, but, I could dig this oozing out a nice sound system at a coffee house or even just chillin at the crib with a few friends. The music can grows on you, so if you’re a fusion jazz aficionado you may want to put on Weather Reports Mr.Gone or some electric Miles from the 70s to get yourself in the mood.

All in all, at a time when we are bombarded with smooth jazz that runs the gamut from Acoustic Alchemy to Phil Collins, Points of Order is a pleasant change.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Bill Laswell
  • CD Title: Points of Order
  • Genre: Acid Jazz
  • Year Released: 2001
  • Record Label: Innerhythmic
  • Rating: Two Stars
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