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C The Blues by Dave Bernstein

Dave Bernstein heads up a red hot quartet that cooks like a New Orleans chef on high heat getting ready for Fat Tuesday.

"Rabbits" is an original bop inspired composition by Bernstein, done at a furious tempo. Everybody swings like the Flying Wallenda's. Bernstein's rapid fire guitar solo is followed by Alan Steger's hip soliloquy which opens with a quote from "Small Hotel" and the rest is his-story all the way. The Bass of Amberger is time perfect with the drums clearly inspired by the ensembles artistry.

The magnificent Bud Powell is honored by the groups interpretation of "Oblivion" also done at race horse tempo. Bernstein is all over his guitar with the piano in hot pursuit. The supporting cast of Bass and Drums round out this fine tune. This piece is no easy task, and this quartet makes it work gloriously.

"Goofy Foot" showcases Dave Bernstein's composing skills as well as his solid chops. Steger's pianistic ability and sense of humor permeates this tune and the whole album for that matter. Intermittent breaks make for a most delightful and interesting arrangement.

This Quartet is as good as it gets and a welcome relief from the somber and melancholy groups that flood today's market. This album is more than enjoyable, it is a gem. These four cats are stars waiting to happen. Speaking of stars, I'll give it five.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Dave Bernstein
  • CD Title: C The Blues
  • Genre: BeBop / Hard Bop
  • Year Released: 2002
  • Record Label: Wolfetones Records
  • Rating: Five Stars
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